Monday, May 14, 2012

Hermit---Follow up.

lol. Sorry for bringing this topic up again. Just wanted to follow up the hermit blog a bit. I don't know if my last post came out as being whiny or not, but if it did, it was not meant to be that way. Just thought it may have sounded that way.

     After giving things a bit more thought on the hermit issue, I have come to the realization that I am and have been a hermit because I chose that lifestyle. I obviously was'nt ready to be real social at the time. I do get the odd invite at times and lot of the time I turn that down because of this or that. I usually have a good and legitimate excuse, although I could have made the time also. Alot of times it is just more simple and less stressful to hermit up.  After life of alcohol it is kinda tough to get out into the real world and play. My life has changed alot right after I quit drinking, and now it is going to change some more gradually and that change is already in progress. It has actually been in progress for awhile now. I guess I just feel it is time for some changes and now I want changes. But I do realize that I am in the process of building a house, and that is one of my biggest priorities at this time. I can honestly say that I have changed though, and I have already been communicating with people alot differently.

      Living a hermit lifestyle does have alot of advantages. It gives you the time to research and learn. It is also very inexpensive entertainment and can give one a chance to save for the future. People are'nt always wanting you to drive them around and pick them up etc. I have very little regrets about living a hermit life, and seriously, I am very happy and  my life is good. Thanks for the sincere comments and advice on the the previous hermit blog. I know I have friends out there, and it makes me feel good.

        Ok, I'm done. This was only going to be about a two sentence post when I started this one, and now look what I've done. Ok, lets build us house. I'll give ya all a break on this personal stuff for now, but I'll be back.


  1. Heck Mark, you didn't sound whiny at all, you sound more normal than most folks. :)
    A lot of us can relate to what you're talking about.
    I know I'm more comfy around my animals than crowds of people.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Similar age, similar habits, similar changes at 40 something... Glad that you are enjoying life too!

    How are you going to prevent freezing of your water when you are not there? Will your propane heat this area?

  3. Hey, been following you from about the time you purchased your property. Most of the time I like getting older because I like the getting wiser part. You sound like you have come into your wise age. Count yourself one of the lucky ones. Not everyone pays attention when the opportunity comes around. And clearly there are personality types that enjoy and thrive on solitude. I live on an acre and wouldn't want to be any closer to my very nice neighbors than I am. Thanks for sharing a very important part of yourself.

  4. Thanks Jeanie. We got alot in common, and I think it's all good.

  5. Evano, glad it's all good for you too. I answered your question in a new post. If I missed anything or you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free.


  6. Thank you westside mom. I believe you are right, I think we do get wiser as we get older. I sure feel like it anyway. I do enjoy my away time from people. It's great but I guess it's possible it can be overdone at times too.

  7. Hey Mark, I didn't think your post sounded whiny either. I thought it was very interesting to hear your thoughts on living alone etc. I've been in your boat, so to speak, many times throughout my life as far as 'hermitizing' goes and have come to enjoy it myself. I am a bit more social but it took me many years to learn a lot of the proper social etiquette and such from being alone a lot as a kid. I think it's very commendable also that you have recognized your mistakes and flaws and have actually taken steps to fix what you think needs fixing (books, stopped drinking). Trust me, not many people will make an honest effort at that. I'm still working on that myself. Keep on keeping on man; you're doing great!

  8. Thanks Annie. I think there's alot of us hermit like poeople out there eh? lol. I did make some changes that's for sure, the drinking is one that I really needed to do something with, but I sure do miss it sometimes. How it makes my tummy all warm and fuzzy, and................... ok, better change the subject. lol.