Monday, April 25, 2011

Wiring Mostly.

I have been pretty busy building on the house lately and all kinds of other stuff. Lately I have been trying hard to get my wiring to the rough in inspection stage. That is where all the inside wiring is pretty close to being done. It is the inspection that needs to be done before the insulation goes in and hides it all. I am just about done with the main branch circuits in the basement, living room, kitchen, loft. What I have left is some other misc circuits such as the washing machine, some outdoor plugs, wiring to the septic tank, my ground rods, etc. It does take some time. The wiring had me thinking for awhile there when I first started, but it is pretty simple once I get on to it. Maybe it's all gonna be right. I imagine I will be awhile yet though before I can start insulating, and covering the wall. The above photo is the smaller loft that I finally finished framing and blocking and permanently installing the subfloor.

The photo below is the top veiw. I'm not real sure what I'm going to do with this thing yet. I might build a walk way from the main loft and just use it as a little extra storage space or something. It sure is handy having it there for building and reaching the upper parts as I go. It is pretty close to 5 feet wide.

Here is a picture of the main loft from the small loft.

This is very first sheet of drywall that got installed in the house. Just needed a place for the breaker panel. I sure can't wait until I start slapping these things on, it will really start to change the looks of things when I do.

The breaker panel. The wiring of all the brach circuits are really starting to pile up.

Don't ask why I would put this picture in. I guess you could say this was pretty close though. That is my kitchen sink pail in my shack. I thought I should take a quick check to see how full it was getting to be. It's a good thing I did. I have never had it this full before, but I did one time dump a bunch of water in the sink when I forgot to put the pail under it after dumping it. That was kinda messy.

Anyway, I hav'nt been on much lately, I guess it might have something to do with the longer days and working on the house more lately. It dos'nt seem to get dark until about 8 or 9 probably. I don't even know for sure.

The weather here has been pretty nice snow melting weather, and the creek just started running pretty good a couple of days ago. Real spring weather has been kinda slow coming this year.


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