Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Double Deck Construction

It all started with the pilings. Four of them. (Top Photo).

Then the landscaping cloth. I also parged the part of the house that will be under the deck and did any other finishing touches that needed done.

Then I dumped a bucket full of tile rock on top of the cloth and raked it out. Just looks  a lot nicer and hopefully a bunch of grass and other fire hazards may not accumulate under the deck this way.

The bottom deck.

              The double deck so far. I had to get kind of technical building the deck so far. Still got lots to do. Gotta finish attaching what I have there so far, put the floor on the top deck, which will consist of 3/4 inch plywood. The top floor will act as a roof for the bottom deck. I have a real gradual slope to it. The front is probably about 3/4 of an inch lower than where it attaches at the house on that 10 foot spread. It isn't much, but at least water should run away from the house hopefully. By the time this whole double deck is done, it will have costed around  $2000 or more. Just the lumber and supplies for the top part was around $900.00. Nails, screws, joist hangers, angle connectors and the pressure treated lumber. She all adds up. The bottom deck is constructed using 2x8 joists and top using 2x10 joists as there will be some snow load up there. Each deck is 10x16 feet.
                 I still have to finish the siding, clean the chimney, complete the electrical and get it inspected. These are the things I'm hoping to get done before the snow flies. I know I have been pretty slack assed on the my house project lately. I hav'nt had the freedom to simply enjoy life like this for years, and I have been taking advantage of that. It seems that all I have done for the last 25 to 30 years was work, and I am just now starting to take time just for me.  I think about my dad a lot lately. I just recently turned 49 years of age, my dad died of cancer when he was 51, and I'm like wow, he was just in the  prime of his life. But that was kind of cut short for him and I sure hope something like that don't happen to me. Not for the next few years anyway. I'm going to try for at least another 49, and if I can't have that, at least I am going to take full advantage of  the years I do have left. A part of that plan does consist of getting more done on the house as well as having a lot of fun.
            I'm still playing around in the markets, and the markets are paying off for me a little more all the time as I gain experience. I will be the first to admit that the markets are not making me wealthy, not yet, but they have been paying a little extra to add to the monthly rent income. Anyway, that's my life for this day.  


Monday, September 9, 2013


I finally broke down and purchased a canoe on Aug 16 2013. I do believe I have canoed every weekend since. It's something I've been talking and thinking about for quite some time now. It's nothing special, just a cheap old starter unit. A Coleman explorer 166. Sounds like an important canoe, but probably almost bottom of the line. Someday, when I finally learn what I really want, I will shovel out a little more money to the cause. I do like this one so far though. The first place my canoeing partner and I went with it was Swan Lake, Alberta, just to kind of get the feel of things a bit, and do a little fishing. There are actually a lot of Swan lakes, but this one is situated a little south west of Debolt, Aberta. We had a pretty good time, but it did take a little getting used to it. Seems pretty tippy. lol. But we stayed afloat.
    The next weekend, we loaded up and went for a drive out the other direction. Thought we'd try Spring Lake, but at the last minute, we decided to drive right by that one and try a creek that I knew about up past Spring lake about 10 Kilometers. We have tried a lake and wanted something different. The above photo is Boone Creek. Just a narrow little creek, but very peaceful and scenic.
  All was going very well, until we came across our first beaver dam to portage. Then the second one, and the third. It wound up being 5 or 6 beaver dams in total, although most was just a matter of sliding the canoe over them. Two needed to actually be portaged a bit. The above picture shows the longest portage as we actually skipped a pretty good chunk of the creek before putting back in again.
It was a fair bit of work at times, but the end result was quite rewarding. We made it into Jackfish Lake. (There are more than one Jackfish lakes in Alberta, this one is north of Hythe, Alberta).  I'm not sure, but I really think that canoe or airplane just might be the only way into the lake. One day I would like to get rigged for camping and spend a day or two on this lake and in this area. I almost forgot to mention that I did just about dump Jo-Anne and myself into the creek just before the mouth of the lake. We had just finished skidding the canoe over the last small beaver dam, and I was pushing off and jumping in. I guess I got a little over confident. The side of the canoe dipped pretty far in, and we took on a lot of water. I was actually quite amazed that we managed to recover it before going right over. lol. Jo-Anne had and instant new look and words that I have never seen or heard from her before. It was actually quite funny after the thought.
Ok, so now we are getting tired of lakes and creeks and we decide that it is time to check out our first river together. Apparently Jo-Anne has done a little river run once. We came up with the idea to try the  Smoky River and do some camping on the weekend. So we got everything all ready to roll finally. We needed two vehicles for this one. We dropped the Dodge off at the riverstone golf course which is north east of TeePee Creek, Alberta.  Then proceeded to the Hiway 43 crossing of the Smoky river, just East of Bezanson, with the canoe and camper. It was already getting dark by the time we pulled onto the shore of the Smoky to set up camp for the night. We didn't know how long it would take to complete our journey, so we wanted to get an early start. I didn't sleep a wink all night. lol. Had just a little too much on my mind.  
The morning came, we made a lunch and breakfast and started getting the canoe all ready to roll. I was pretty excited. This was all new for me. The Smoky is pretty good sized river, and for the most part was moving along pretty good,and even better where it narrowed up. There were river boats we had to try to stay out of the way of etc, but it all did go well. It was a very nice trip. We loaded the canoe up at the golf course once we arrived and headed back to the camper at hiway 43. This run was about 34 kilometers according to my GPS trip odometer. At times the river would take us along at 4 km/hr and other times through some of the narrow areas we would be moving along 14-15 km/hr. In the photos the water looks pretty still, but usually when the rougher water does come along we are busy putting the cameras etc away in a safe spot just incase. We seem to have more important things to do other than taking pictures at times. lol. We did good for the first time.  
We cooked supper on the fire that night. It don't take a real large fire to cook a steak, as long as the coals are nice and hot.
The next day a long time friend of mine brought his canoe out to join us on a run from the Simonette River Campground to the Hiway 43 Smoky bridge where we are camped. The Simonette river eventually runs into the Smoky. It was one of my favorite runs so far. The river is quite a lot smaller than the Smoky, but does have a few challenging and fun drops and minor rapids and shallow rocky bottoms in places. In the above pic, it is very calm as we let the canoes slowly drift toward havoc. lol. We survived, but if you look closely you can see interesting stuff coming up on us slowly. There were quite a few spots where we had to be on the ball.
A little later on, we decided to do a little fishing before coming into the Smoky. I caught one. I have never caught this kind of fish before, but later on we decided it must have been a mountain whitefish. I let it go. If it were a walleye of the keeper size, I would have cooked it up that night for supper.
Once we got back to the camper, and recovered the trucks at our put in on the Simonette, Jo-Anne had other things going on and had to leave. She took the Dodge home and left me with the camper and canoe.  So Wade and I cooked some supper up and visited for awhile until he went home also. They deserted me. lol. Oh well. It's free camping, so I wasn't in a hurry to leave. I do still have a lot of hermit in me and can enjoy my time alone.  
The next day I went over to Swan Lake over by Debolt again. This was the first place I ever tried the old canoe out.  It was such a nice day. I took my time and eventually paddled around the whole lake. With lots of just sitting and relaxing going on.
I should say WE paddled around the lake. I guess I wasn't so alone after all. Traction really seems to like this kind of life.
 Anyway, so this last weekend Jo-Anne and I went on a new journey. I had my mom drop us off at Pipestone creek campground on the Wapiti River. , and we paddled to Magoos landing which is about 7 Kilometers down from the Hiway 40 bridge to the Weyhauser road crossing. I'm guessing this one was a total of 34 kms also, but I forgot to set the gps trip odometer to zero at first, so I don't know for sure, but that should be close.  This river here seemed to be our biggest challenge yet. There was a lot of calm and then rough and windy, a lot of river boats to contend with. There was one point where we could have dumped it in the some fairly fast water, but we managed to keep it afloat.
We did manage to slow down and take time to rest and roast some wieners on this run. I love the canoeing, but may be due for a bit of a break and maybe work on the house a bit more. But maybe not too. I am having way too much fun lately.
The end of that journey. If we had kept on going down the Wapiti, we would need a pretty good day and the river would take us to the Smoky where we camped the previous weekend. The Wapiti runs into the Smoky a little bit before where the Simonette runs into the Smoky. For that matter, if I were to just keep on going on the Smoky, it would eventually run into the Peace River, which would run into the Slave river, then into the Mackenzie River through Great Slave Lake, right out into the Arctic Ocean. Of course there would be some major portages along the way, such as the Vermillion Chutes south of John Dor Prairie for one. I find rivers and streams to be very fascinating and do someday want to venture along on a multi day jouney of some type. Not sure if I really need to go to the Arctic ocean or not, but you just never know.
            I have worked on the main deck of my house a little lately, and do plan to put up a new post on that one soon. Sorry I have been so quiet lately, just been enjoying life a lot lately. Even before the canoe came in to play, I have spent a lot of time camping at various different places. I do feel the need to start getting a little production on the house before winter, I hope. Awwwww what's the hurry though, it's quite liveable I think. Others seem to have a different opinion though.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Just About Time For a New Deck.

The deck on the front of the house was built early last winter. Kind of a quick slap together job. Eventually this deck is going to end up on the other side of the house.
But for  now, I'll just put it right here.
Then I'll take the steps that came off that deck and put them here. For now. Sure seems that I am going backwards, but sometimes one has to go backwards in order to move ahead. Depending on the weather, I may start digging some post holes tomorrow. If the weather is not nice, then I'll probably run into town and get me some supplies. I had pretty busy day today. Prepping from the deck, mowing grass, had to fix the overhead garage door, cleaning up a bunch of stuff. etc etc.
Today was a beautiful sunny day, all day long. The first nice day we had in a long time. The gloomy spell was a real good test for the power system. All system passed with flying colors. State of Charge was at 76% this morning, as it has been dropping a bit every day for quite some time. Time I came into the house for supper she was at 96%. Never did get up to 100%, but close. Any little bit of sunshine tomorrow should have me fully charged again. Power is totally free here in the summer time. Lovin it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Freezer, Rain, and a Dog Rant.

Well hello strangers. I know, it's been awhile. I've sure been busy for an unemployed bum it seems, yet don't really see a heck of a lot getting accomplished. There are all kinds of things going on in my life. I got a little more siding on. Periodically the weather is nice enough that I can throw a few pieces up without wallering around in the mud. It's been raining a lot for the last few days or more. Not much in the way of sunshine, but I hav'nt had to fire up  the generator yet. The batteries are running a small deep freeze and the furnace kicking in once in awhile and at this moment the State of Charge is at 81%. I think that is pretty good, considering the lack of sunshine lately. One of these days I expect to see the sun starting to shine and I'll be just counting those amps coming in.
Quite some time ago a purchased a smaller deep freeze. The picture above is showing my complete summertime refrigeration system. I freeze 4 liter water jugs in the freezer, and usually every morning, I swap a frozen 4 liter water jug out of the freezer and put it in the cooler. It's been working pretty good for me. The cooler keeps the drinks and eggs and bacon etc nice and cool and the freezer keeps more than enough frozen goodies for me so I don' have to be running to town all the time for meat etc. I keep a few jugs of water in the freezer, mainly just to take up some air space and to make sure I got a little extra if need be. I have not changed my cooking habits much in this rainy spell and the system is doing pretty good with all this running. I'm pretty proud of the whole power thing that I have going on. The winter will be a little different though. I think the freezer will go outside and only be powered when the weather warms up, and the water jugs will usually be frozen naturally just like last winter. I know the freezer would cause me a lot more charging time if I didn't do something like that in the winter. I usually shut the power right off in the winter when I leave the house, but the summer it's on all the time.  The freezer is 3.6 cubic feet.
Getting a little bit of siding up. I had a little bit of help occasionally. Thanks Jo-Anne and thanks Mom. Pretty soon I want to start on the main deck and the balcony above that. Then I can concentrate on my loft door and the siding on this side.
I sure don't have much of a garden, but I do have onions.
The odd time if I ever get bored (and I usually don't), I like to come out to the wood pile and buck some wood up or do a little splitting or sometimes even a bit of both. It's a great way to get some exercise and time to just think about things. I'm getting a pretty good stash of fire wood built up for this coming winter. Soon I will be trying to find the odd bit of wood for the winter after that one too.
This is my rental unit I have in town. My renter is moving out at the end of June. She had a pretty good run in there, but it is now time for her to move on I guess. I am not a very experienced guy when it comes to this landlording stuff, but recently I have been getting a pretty good education on things. And I have a real funny feeling the the educating has only just begun. lol. What I have just discovered about myself is that I am simply just too nice of a guy sometimes. But I think when it comes to renting something like this out, one has to be a little more firm and less nice. I don't mean mean or anything, just gotta look after me more. So that's what Im going to do. This is a nice little income for a guy like me. For the most part, this trailer has been paying my monthly bills, and gas in my pickup, until taxes or insurance or something like that comes along, then I need to dip a little deeper to get things paid. I recently put an add on kijiji to find a renter for this. About two minutes after it was on, the emails started coming in. I do have a new renter lined up for July, hope it all goes good. My new renter had nothing to do with the add I placed, which was good, because I was being to nice with the add and did'tn price it nearly high enough anyway. It still isn't as far as I am concerned. One thing I noticed while searching for a new renter is that probably more than 90% of the potential tenants had dogs. Usually more than one dog, and a lot of time the dogs these potential renters had were pitbulls or bull mastiffs or something like that. I am not running any one down, but I tell ya, I sure can't understand why anyone would want to complicate their life like that. The price of renting, plus feeding a dog or two like that, and then actually trying to find a place to rent. What about the mess in a small town yard? Someone please tell me why. lol. What ever, different strokes for different folks. All I'm going to say, you are the last on my list of tenants. I guess if you were all I could find, then ya. Hopefully that helps you out sometime. I sure don't mean to offend anyone, just take it as friendly advice from a simple and frugal guy. I like dogs, I really do. In the first picture way up top you will see my registered bull mastiff, pit bull, Irish wolf hound, snt Bernard  cross bred dog. I got nothing against the big dogs, I just think they should be outta town for your sake, mine , theirs and all the neighbors.That's just my opinion though.   
I think I just did a rant. lol.  
In other news, things are going good. Still playing around in the markets, but in all honesty, not getting real wealthy just yet. But it's coming. Not going broke either.  It's one of those things that's going to take some time to get real good at, just like anything else I have ever had to learn to do. I have no desire or plan to go and find me a job yet either.  Well hopefully the weather clears up and I can get started on the deck situation. I would really love to have my morning coffee way up on the balcony looking down on the world soon.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Free Energy, Power to Burn.

Generator season is long past now. I haven't started that thing for a long time now. It gets it's use in the winter, but it is now spring. This is my first spring in the new house with the new power system. I am quickly finding that I do most certainly have power to burn. The other day I purchased a little 2 burner electric stove (hotplate). It seemed a waste to burn propane to fry my bacon and eggs in the morning. Or to fry anything anytime for that matter. I fried some chicken with it tonight.

This is my whole supper cooked using free electricity. The rice and vegetables were cooked in the microwave.
The battery bank was charged right up to 100% State of Charge before cooking supper. Actually it was at 100% quite a lot earlier in the day. Probably around noon, I'm not sure as I didn't pay much attention to it today. This is what the State of Charge read after all that high electrical power cooking session. I used a small fraction of my battery bank cooking supper. This was a little later in the evening, and the sun was still doing a bit of charging, but for the most part the charging day had ended.
Then I thought, what the heck, use some free energy to heat the dish water. I very easily could have turned the tap on, and had as much hot water as I wanted, but that would be burning propane. Why would I burn propane when my free power is right there and waiting to be used. It's not like I have to stand there and hold the kettle or anything like that. I just do something else till the water is hot. By the time this task was done, my battery state of charge was at 98%. So it does use some power, but it sure won't take long for the sun to put that and more back into the batteries tomorrow. Unless of course the sun don't shine tomorrow, and if not, it don't matter, I have enough power for a few days without any charging going on, depending of course, how I use it.  
I have lots of options when it comes to cooking, and I always choose which ever one makes the most sense for the kind of day it is or the season etc. This time of year seems to be good using electrical powered goodies. Microwave, electric burners, toaster, I just may have to look into a crock pot or toaster oven or something like that possibly in the future.
         In the winter the green coleman campstove gets used a little more as the days are a lot shorter and a lot of times it is cloudy, snowy or just too much snow on the solar panels. Also, the furnace runs at times consuming power, depending on if the wood stove is lit or not.
I do usually try to use the woodstove as much as I can in the winter, and if it is in use anyway, I usually utilize it for most my supper cooking, whether by using the top of it or the inside of it. So anyway, I'm not bragging about my system, just merely putting this out there for your information. My battery bank is a bit of over kill for what I actually could have gotten away with, but I'm glad I have it just the way it is. I wasn't sure how much extra power I was going to end up with, but now I can see that it is lots. This helps me decide things like what type of fridge to get. Propane fridges are expensive and burn propane, d/c powered fridges are very expensive for what you get in my opinion. I think I will be leaning toward a normal ac powered fridge, but only on a smaller scale for now. This will be used in the summer time anyway, possibly in the winter too, but  not real sure at this time. Could have a different plan for that season as the great outdoors act just like a deep freeze most of the time anyway. This winter I froze jugs of water outside that I would put in my cooler. This worked really good. When the winter days got too warm to freeze the water outside, I would simply set the whole cooler outside on the deck overnight. That worked good also. I kept all my frozen foods in the freezer in the RV and just left it shut off. However, when the weather had a warm spell, I would simply start the fridge and it would keep all the frozen goodies frozen. Life is so good at times. I know I could run an a/c fridge in my house year round, and I would just have a little more generator charging to do, but usually when I leave the house for long periods of time, (which don't seem to happen very often anymore), I like to shut my power right off. I guess if I plan on going somewhere, I would just plan on not having much left in the fridge, so I can do just that. So anyway,8 or 9 months of the year, power to burn, 3 or 4 months of the year is generator season.
A quick run down of my power system, is 12  L16  6 volt batteries, 6   Sharp 240 watt solar panels, magnum 24 volt inverter/charger, outback 60 mppt charge controller, and miscellaneous other parts and accessories. The generator I use is a Honda eu2000i. The Honda does get the job done, although a little bigger sure wouldn't hurt. This whole power system with the generator costed me roughly $12,000.00. The price I was quoted to get grid power put on my propery was $9000.00-$12,0000.00 if I remember right. That was 4 years or so ago. It is likely more than that now, but I am not sure.  
It would be really neat if I could store the summer power to use in the winter. I can't do that, but I can sure use more power in the summer and less propane to help balance things out a bit.
April 10 2013. It was a pretty nice day today and if this keeps up, this snow will be gone in no time. I still haven't done much more building lately. I have been busy with other things and the days have been really flying by.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Am Still Alive

It's been quite some time since my last post, so I guess I'll put something on here even though I still hav'nt done much in the house lately. I do plan to start picking away at things soon. There are several reason why I have chose not to be working on the house and they are as: #1 I am lazy. lol. Well ok, it's more like just burned out. All I've been doing for the last 3 or so years was work, and in my spare time, build on the house. And for 25 years before that, work, work, work. This is the first time in my life, that I could actually do what I want, and not feel guilty about it. Well actually for awhile there, I still did feel guilty about it. I always had guilt if I was having fun. Don't ask me why, cuz I don't know. I've done my time and I want to enjoy life without worrying about stupid things. So I decided to look after some priorities before finishing the house.  Some may think that the house is priority, but no it's not. It is quite liveable at the moment. Education at the moment is priority. As I have mentioned previously, I have been doing some stock trading and investing. Progress has been kind of slow, but I am getting better all the time. There have been times that the more knowledge I have gained, the worse I seemed to do with the trading, but I can say that things are really starting to look more clear all the time. Trading stocks, however, is not an easy money making scheme and nor did I ever think that. But I can honestly say that it is alot harder to succeed at than I thought it would be. I have heard or read many times that most people who enter the markets usually do not succeed. I have also read things like there is a 90% failure rate amongst new traders. I totally plan to be one of the 10% who succeed. It is getting better all the time. I have spent alot of time in front of this computer learning and at times I have also thought, what a waste of time. But, the more time I spend studying and experiencing, the better it gets. When I started driving trucks, it took me years to become a good bush driver. Alot of people who drive trucks, myself included, seem to think they have it all figured out once they get about 4 or 5 years under their belt. What they fail to realize usually is that they are just starting to learn things. When I quit my job in July of 2012, I was still learning new things after 25-30 years of driving or more. So I guess, trading is kind of the same, it takes time, experience, dicipline,  education and the burning desire to succeed. I am making a little money here and there, just not quite as much as I had expected to be at this stage of the game. I am not even a little bit concerend about it though. Life is going pretty darned good for me now. When I started planning to get out to the acerage here and start building my little house, the stock  trading and investing was actually a part of the whole plan, I just chose not to mention it.   
I have mentioned my friend Jo-Anne in previous posts, but at the time, she did'nt know I had a blog and I did'nt want to put her  picture up without her permission. She was a big help when the solar panels went up, and of course she helped out alot with other things. Don't tell anyone, but I think she is trying to break me out of my frugalistic and hermit ways. lol. Just kidding, I think she has learned to accept my ways. I do spend  time with Jo-Anne periodically, usually on the weekends. During the week, I still seem to remain a bit of a hermit. lol. I usually don't have a reason to leave my acerage all week long. I guess I plan it that way.
I took this picture today. It has been quite a snowy winter. All systems are running pretty good. The power, water, heating etc. It all has performed for me alot better than I have expected. At first my honda eu2000i generator was taking taking alot longer to charge things, and did'nt seem to work well with my system, but I eventually found out that it was because of a wiring boo boo in the 4 wire extension cord that plugs into the house. Once I figured that one out, the whole charging system was like day and night. It used to take me 6  hours to charge a days worth of furnace operation. Now I think I can charge 2 days worth in about 3 hours with that little generator. I really don't need one any bigger than that, although, it would'nt hurt to have one a little bigger. The honda is now having a rest though, as the days are getting longer. The last time I used it for the house was Feb 25 2013. It has snowed off and on recently, but the large battery bank can go a few days without a charge, especially if I keep the fire going instead of running the furnace. The last couple of days the solar panels have had me charged right up.  When it snows in this warmer weather, it don't take long for the snow to slide off the panels. It snowed today for a bit, but then it cleared up and the sun began to shine.
I haul my water in two tanks that I just leave on one of my trailers. I haul 1.35 cubic meters in one and 1.25 in the other. This is a total of a little under 600 gallons , I believe. I have been hauling one load per month so far. I do conserve my water, but I know, I could conserve even more if I really wanted too.
Unloading the water into the cistern.
When I installed my pex type water lines to the tub and sink etc, I used 3/4 inch line all the way except for when lines branched off, then I used 1/2. But even though the water lines don't have a very long run, it does waste a fair bit of water while waiting for the hot to strart spewing out. The frugal in me, says to catch that water and use it in the toilet, so that is what I do. It is a whole toilet flush down the drain, if I don't catch that water. Sound like a pain in the arse, but it is all automatic to me now. I could,nt imagine wasteing perfectly good hauled water like that. I am also in the habit of not flushing the toilet each and every time it get used. That is also a minor little issue, although alot of people may think I am a nut case on that one, but I don't care, I think I would feel sorry for you if that is the case.
When I do my dishes, I first collect a whole toilets flush worth of water, while it is getting to the hot stuff.
I did not purchase a propane gas range yet, but I've been getting by without it just fine so far. Once in awhile, but not very often, I use this coleman camp stove for cooking. I do also use my microwave quite frequently. When I make coffee it is usally the instant stuff, and the water is nuked in the microwave. Sometimes though, I have put a coffee pot on the wood stove. I also use my propane bar-b-que on the deck on the nice days.
Most of my cooking in the winter time is done right inside the woodstove though. Using the camp stove with those little green propane bottles is not a very frugal way to go. I could hook the camp stove directly to the gas source I guess, but I just don't see the need for it. I just minimize the usage of it.
This is an example of a full meal cooked in the wood stove. I have cooked just about anything in there such as chicken wings, hamburger patties, hot dog, beef sausage, baked potatoes, etc. All wrapped in tinfoil of course. It works really well for me, and I do it alot. I got this idea when I seen Margy  at powell river books baking potatoes in hers. lol.   
So anyway, like I say, did'nt accomplish a whole lot on the house lately, but I do hope to get a burst of ambition and start doing some things soon. I hav'nt missed going to work at all. Just loving the freedom. That's what it's all about with me, the freedom.
Oh by the way, I had a look one day at my website traffic/visiter counter thingy there, awhile ago, and I noticed that one day (I think in February)  I had an unusually large amount of traffic to my website. Anyone know why that happend? I'm just curious. It's like I was maybe mentioned in an article or possibly on a radio program or something maybe. Well anyway, sorry it took so long for me to post something, I will try and be a little more frequent in the near future, but I'm just not the kind to post about my every day life all the time, even if it is'nt  so boring. lol.
Also thanks for being patient and following my blog. I see some new followers coming in all the time and it sorta makes me think that I should be a little more conciderate and post something once in awhile. It will come sometime. Take care.