Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simple man, simple plan.

Hello, my name is Mark. This first blog of mine is nothing special. Just a note to say there will be some future blogs sometime and kind of an introduction of myself. I do have a plan to change my lifestyle greatly. And looking at the economy, it may come sooner than later. With me, it is all by choice. I can stay living as I am now and still survive nicely, but I have always had a dream of a self sufficient lifestyle. I cannot even believe that there are not more people out there with the same dreams as my own. I know of no one else around here who thinks the same as myself. Most of them may just think I'm crazy. I have been planning something like this for quite some time, however I don't get into a rush to do things. There was a major oilboom recently, I like to take advantage of things like that while it is there. And while that is taking place, there is just simply no time for other things. I don't usually like to take time off from work for a holiday, I wait until slow times. My line of work is like that. Yet alot of people may think I am a procrastinator. I think of myself as a good time and money manager. If you get into a hurry to do things, you will simply pay too much. I have an acerage that I don't live on yet, but I plan to be there soon. My acerage plans are going to be hopefully somewhat of a semi-retirement. I will be seeking income, but I hope to do it on a more self reliant way, other than working my life away for someone else. I plan to live frugally, so a large income will not be necessary. I have never been the kind of guy to want a big fancy house or shiny new car. I have always been frugal. I do have anything I want, I just usually never pay full price. I have been accumulating tools and supplies slowly and cheaply over the years to make my dreams come to life. All I need to do, is gitter done. If things stay slow as they are now, it will start to take shape this summer. But if things all of sudden started to boom rediculously again(I don't think they will), I might have to put it on hold for a little longer yet, maybe. But maybe not. Life is simple if you make it that way. (Simple = FREEDOM). For now, the plan is to get out there this coming summer and cabin up. I would love nothing more than sitting comfortably within the confines of a medium to small cabin type home with the sound of a crackling fire on a minus 30 something celcius night. It could possibly turn out to be a major nightmare also, I guess. lol. One way to find out. Does anyone out there have any downfalls to this or any advise they would like to share? I would love to here from you. I plan on posting my future progress as things start to happen.