Saturday, June 16, 2012

Drywall Taping and a bunch of other things.

Well I  have been pretty busy here on  the acerage for the last couple of weeks. My pictures are definately not in any particular order, but I have been fighting with photos for hours here now, and still don't even have them all up.

I did do a little trucking. Not much but a few days since the last post.

The above photo is the new gasline going to the house. The gas line is 1/2" yellow jacket copper tubing. I purchased 50 feet from Neufeld and got them to put ends on it. The length worked out pretty good.

I did'nt shop around real well for the copper tubing, but the stuff costed about 3.80 a foot. Copper is expensive. I never did get my gas inspection yet. I called the inspector, but he did'nt show yet. I did bury the gasline and got that out of the way.
I managed to get my exhaust and combustion air intakes up on the furnace(The white pvc pipes). I added some hangers that are a little bit nicer looking than hay wire, since this picture. Pvc pipe for exhausting a furnace could be something that not all have seen before. Furnaces are so effecient now days, that they can exhaust through plastic pipes. I'm not a furnace expert, but most older furnaces have a b-vent type chimney and not pvc pipes that go out through a wall.   

Did a little more on the battery box until I ran out of supplies for it. The one inch pvc pipe is going to be the air intake from outside. It is routed down closer to the bottom of the box and will have a can of some kind under the pipe to catch any condensation if any. I'm thinking that the intake air should help the gasses to  escape out the top. Who knows, maybe it will just make things more prone to ignition and explosion. I don't think so though.
Permanently attaching the back rest of the battery box down.

Had some truck repairs to do. Changed the brakes, caliper and rotor on this one side. I hav'nt quite gotten to the other side yet. The old chevy is just about due for some new skins pretty soon also. It seems to be never ending. lol. Been using the dodge lately, but neither one turned a tire for just about a week now.
Here I was permanently attaching some plumbing for the water system in the basement. It was pretty awkward without a vice. I got stirring around in some of my auction purchases over the years to see if I had a vice. lol. I found one right away, so I quickly rigged it up onto a wood pad. It worked good. I could'nt remember if I had bought one or not. I used to go to alot of auctions and buy anything I thought was a good deal. It pays off at times. I have been doing alot of smaller jobs along the way, some not even mentioned in this post. I usually work on one project until I run out of supplies, then write down what I need on my list, then move on to the next project and so on. I hate going to town for just a few little things, so I try to make sure I have a big list when I do go. Usually going to town consists of a full day. I really thought I would have been doing alot more drywall mudding by now, but I just tried my hand at it for the first time today(Saturday, June 16).

I think I'm going to concentrate on the bathroom for now. That way maybe I can practice and  learn if I can do something different as I go through the different stages of the drywall mudding process to make things better. Also, I would like to have a bathroom soon. lol. The shower in the rv works, but it is pretty tight and awkward.  I actually think I am going to work on just about finishing the bathroom completely, before even mudding other areas of the house. We'll see though. My plans do sometimes change without notice. I think the taping has been going ok by the way. Not real sure though. I know that I sure seem to get alot of mud all over everything else including myself.
 Traction has been pretty busy too. I don't know what's in the wood shed, but she seems to spend alot of time there. She does keep pretty busy mousing and chasing squirrels or what ever around. She's a dog of two names. Although her real name is Traction, it some how evolved into Hoolio somewhere along the line. I usually only use the name Traction when I take her to the vet, or on my blog, but I call her by the name Hoolio, (pronounced more like oolio).  Both names are on her name tag. Just thought I would mention that.  

This is a personal blog, mainly for my own use. I am building a house with my own two hands, but I am learning alot of things as I go. I do not claim to know what I am doing, or if anything I do is even close to being done correctly or safely. So please, if you are planning on using any of my ideas or methods for your own use, please get professional advice before actually following through with your actions. I will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages of any kind caused by information or comments from this blog.