Sunday, August 7, 2011


I sure don't see many of these critters in my travels usually. Actually this is the second one I've ever seen in my life. A caribou. aka: reindeer(I think). I was a fair distance away, so the pictures are'nt the greatest. I put on three pics, but it was just the one animal. Moose, elk, deer and black bear are all pretty commen to see on a weekly or daily basis, but this guy was quite a sight.

It has been very busy with working out in the bush the last two weeks. I don't even need a house as I just seem to live in a peterbilt truck most of the time. I even had to sneak into a camp and borrow the shower one night. We have a big oilfield job in the Grand Cache area and it really keeps us truckers smokin trying to get all the equipment there.
Since my last post, not a whole lot got done on the house. I did manage to get a little more drywall up though. It sure won't take long to finish hanging drywall if I ever get around to it.


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