Friday, May 18, 2012

Battery Box Detail and Painting.

This is the battery box. Mom painted this and all the other pieces of the box, and a fine job she did. Thanks mom. It is pretty hard to see the actual color with the lighting, but in real life it is a nice color. I like it. This box is 5 feet long, 28" wide and 22" high. It is designed to fit 12  420 Amp hr, 6 volt batteries. These batteries are about 17" tall.

 This is the top of the back rest, and I'll call this the hydrogen gas compartment. Hydrogen gas is lighter than air and it rises. There is a cover that will be screwed onto the top of this when it is all in production, and a pipe coming right off the top and going directly to the outdoors. I will also have income air going into the box from outside and to somewhere closer to the bottom of the box.

The bottom of the back rest. And the lid for the main battery compartment.

This is nothing to do with batteries. I thought while mom was painting stuff, I might as well whip up a furnace platform for her to paint also.

My brain was mostly doing planning and thinking today, in between little things here and there. This is going to be the furnace return air vent in the living room on the main floor. Gotta cut  an air passage in the floor the length of this framing. That's just about 4 feet.

Just a shot of some of the ducting once assembled. Well I'm back to town in the morning for some more goodies I guess. I wanted to have some ducting hung, but then I did'nt have any of the outlets that will come off the top of the main ducting. Don't know how big to cut the holes or what shape etc. I think it would be alot easier to do it all on the ground.


This is a personal blog, mainly for my own use. I am building a house with my own two hands, but I am learning alot of things as I go. I do not claim to know what I am doing, or if anything I do is even close to being done correctly or safely. So please, if you are planning on using any of my ideas or methods for your own use, please get professional advice before actually following through with your actions. I will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages of any kind caused by information or comments from this blog.


  1. Mom's are sure handy to have. Your mystery colour came out nice. How is your sunshine availability in the winter? With our surrounding trees and hills we only get 2 hours on the best of days. That's when the generator has to come into action. - Margy

  2. Moms ARE pretty handy Margy. I like that color actually, I don't even know what color it is, but it's ok. Our winter days are pretty short too. There are about 3 months out of the year that I like to call generator season. I'm installing a forced air furnace, but it is more meant for the other seasons and maybe certain occasions in the winter. We have short winter days, but our summers are extraordinary for sunshine, with the exception of a few cloudy days.

  3. since it's painted all purdy.... will ya be able to throw a cushion on it and use it for additional seating? maybe maybe you've said and i missed that part.....

  4. I don't think I've mentioned that anywhere Lynnanne, but I was thinking it. I even had thoughts of building a couple more boxes on wheels for general storage and seating and that could be rolled into place added onto the battery box and made to be an extra bed if the need should arise. But that will be a future project if ever it does happen. I have just thought about it for now. With a small house like this though, dual purpose chairs would be handy. I would like to finish this part of the basement real nice some day, as the woodstove will be here too, but it is not top priority for me at this time.