Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doing Some Digging

This is my garden out at the acerage. I know, I should have kept it a secret. lol. It's not too bad though, concidering that alot of time when I was too busy to go out there and look after things, they had to live without water at times. It's all a good experiment for me.
I don't know whats going on, but I can't seem to move pictures where I want them or anything else. It's been so long, I guess I forgot how. lol. The above picture, the old John Deere is gaurding the trench.

I wanted to put in the one end of my sewer pump out so I could haul some sand and dump it right where it will go if I find a good day to haul some product sometime. It will be awhile before I can finish trenching this in. Once the basement is done I guess.

This trench is 8 feet deep so things wont freeze in the winter.

I removed most of the top soil from where the basement will go, I might have to touch it up a bit yet before I can dig the basement. The far corner will be about six feet deep and this nearest corner will be about 4 feet deep when it is all done. It is a 2 foot difference in elevation from those two corners, and the footing has to be 4 feet below grade for frost purposes, so I guess this is what I gotta do.

There was alot of rooty topsoil that came out of there.
So there you have it, just a bit of an update. I am still totally not real sure what kind of a basement I am building, but I have been doing alot of research on the PWF(permanent wood foundation), and concrete. PWF would be a lot less expensive, and more could be done by myself, but I need a stupid engineer who can design that for me, so I am told, and I can't seem to find that guy. I have had thoughts of just building the damd thing, but then I do have that worry that it could all be for nothing. As for the concrete, I have been checking out the ICF system. (Insulated Concrete Form). To my surprise that insulated form will be just about the price of the concrete, and concrete costs alot. I guess I own a propery where I am supposed to throw my money in the air. So maybe thats what I'll have to do. Is everyone ready to catch? I always had a dream of living a more primitive life than this, but it just seems impossible to make that happen unless I am further from civilization. I have decided to just get things going and see what I can get done before the snow flies. I have been busy at work previously, but I hav'nt been there for a week or so now. I do know that there should be some hay for me to haul in the near future, but other than that, I think I might be free to get some building done. Knock on wood.(Knocking on my head).


  1. Hi Hermit,
    I'm glad that you finally got a chance to do some work at your acreage. Expenses will always get in the way when you have something in mind but have certain restrictions. Hey, being further from civilization is not a bad idea *smile. Things will come together for you if you stay positive. Cheering for ya! ~Jen

  2. Sure is nice when you have the equipment that you have, a little envious over here.

  3. Thanks Jen. You know, I am not afraid of spending money on needed expenses, but it just kills me sometimes with unnecesary things. I am positive, I know things will start to fall into place real soon. Thank you for cheering me on, it's greatly appreciated.

  4. Hey Coal, it is a handy little gadget. I bought the hoe quite a few years ago mainly for this purpose. I just hope that if something wants to blow up on it, that it waits until this little project is done. lol. It does require a little TLC at times.

  5. Hey Mark! Hang in there! It will all work itself out! Oh and btw, your garden did much better than mine!
    Keep posting okay? Hey, maybe you should video yourself lifting something really heavy so you'll feel better...hmmmm? lol

  6. Mark, your place is looking nice. You've been busy! Are any of these plants the Saskatoon berries? I'm not sure what they look like. Your garden plants do look nice and healthy though.

    Lookin' good Mark! :)

  7. Hey Cath, I seen your garden, but thanks for trying to make me feel better anyway. lol. Your tomatoe plants have tomatoes on them. Maybe well get the video out someday and video something interesting. I hope I did'nt sound unhappy in the blog though, because I am happy, just a little bit behind thats all. Thanks for the visit Cath.

  8. Thanks Jeanie. I have been a little busy off and on lately. Yesterday was another day of thinking and researching though, I think I am on to something now, and I just need to find out all the building code stuff about my new plan. The plants on the trailer are just tomatoes and some onions and in two pots where tomatoes died is a big weed growing. I'm thinking about eating the weeds. lol. I planted some saskatoons by just sticking the stems into the ground. I hav'nt checked them lately. They might grow and they might not. If they do get started they seem to spread out pretty good eventually. I looked them up and the other name for them is juneberry, maybe you are familiar with that name. Glad to see you survived the big camping trip Jeanie.