Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Truckin

This is about where I am with the basement when I got diverted in a different direction. The pipes ar'nt glued together yet, and I took them out for now and stored them away as I am not sure when I am going to get on it again. Hopefully in about a week from now.

I did manage to get my paws on a truck and gravel trailer and hauled some product out to the acerage.

A load of tile rock. This will get me going with my sewage mound and also with my basement. I may need some more later. About $20.00/yard. I can haul about 25 tonne legally(roughly 20 yards). Should be hauling more, but the truck is pretty heavy to start with, as it is a winch truck. Not really the norm for gravel hauling.

This is a load of clean concrete sand. I did haul a load of cheaper sand (free), but then I got a little paranoid that it could cause me some grief in the future, so I went on the hunt for some good clean sand. $25.00/ tonne. Hopefully I don't need anymore of that. Normally sand is at about$8-$10.00/yard that I have seen, but it all looks pretty dirty. There is a sample just beside this new sand on the left where the pipe is coming out of the ground for comparison. When I put water with it, it turned pretty mushy. Or silty. I can use the old sand for burying pipes, I guess, if nothing else. I think it would also work ok as a filler around the mound maybe.

I did quite a bit of my driveway with some finer rock. The price was right so I thought I would give it a shot.

And now, this is my life story for the next few days. Hauling bales. Hopefully the weather stays good so I can just get it all done. I am really eager to get after my own project before the weather turns it into a swimming pool instead of a basement. I guess somebody should tell me to fix that burnt out high beam headlight, before the DOT does.
Just thought I should put in a bit of an update.


  1. We appreciate the update, buddy! Keep on fighting the good fight!

  2. Mark, you've gotten a lot done! I look at the work you've done yourself and think about how much you have saved by not hiring it out.
    It's got to be a good feeling.

    Hat's off to ya. :)

  3. Keep up the good work, Mark! It's looking good!
    Those are some serious looking hay bales...

  4. Jim, we're still fighting, thanks Jim.

    Jeanie, it is a good feeling, but it sure does make things slower. And it's not slower just because it is one man fighting, but it is one man who don't know nothing fighting that really makes it go so slowly. lol. Thanks Jeanie.

    Cath, those were some nice bales. I wish my main bale haul was all like this, but they get a little bigger and uglier from here. Thanks Cath.