Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Little Further Ahead

I did'nt accomplish quite as much as I wanted to today. I was trying to educate myself on a couple things via the internet first thing this morning. I ended up going to the local library and reading up on some plumbing codes, then picking up some supplies in town. I did'nt get out to the jobsite till about 2:00 pm. Serviced up the hoe and did a few other things around there that needed to be done, then I tied into that basement again. I am still doing some finishing touches to get it perfected. I am just about done, but it was starting to get dark on me, so I shut it down a little after 10:00 pm. It is unbelieveable how long the touching up stuff takes. I guess when you think about, I moved the dirt quite aways from the basement also. I ran out of space with my first dirt pile and the second one is a bit of a jog.
I kinda thought I would have been hauling hay by now, but I guess one of the loader tractors is tied up on a road job pulling packers, so I have to wait for that. Hopefully it is working till 2010. It sure must be slow in the oil patch though, I hav'nt had to haul any equipment for a long time. I probably should'nt have said that though. lol.
This morning I woke up really early and could'nt go back to sleep, as I had my house on my mind. I got to thinking about how high it is going to be compared to how short and narrow it is. It could look kinda funny when it is all said and done, but my main concern was with the actual construction process and the height combination. I got to thinking that maybe I did'nt dig deep enough. Then I get to thinking how long it would take to skim another foot off and refinish it. Hell with it, I'll get over my fear of heights I guess. I kinda designed it to be tall for solar panel purposes anyway. I am surrounded by trees, and in the winter I could get some shading at different times of the day. I think the panels will have a pretty clear veiw of the sun though. I will have to top some of my trees right in front of the house. I do hope the location is right, because it aint gonna get changed now. lol.
Well I should'nt have to piss the day away in town tomorrow, I have some supplies, a little knowledge and a plan. For now anyway.


  1. Slowly but surely the plan come together! That's great, my friend...!

    Keep on plugging...

  2. Your plans are sounding good Mark! It's nice that your paying job is leaving you alone for a bit too. :)

  3. That seems to be the way Jim, just plugging away. Even today was like that.

  4. Thank you Jeanie. So far so good with work, but I did kinda catch wind of some plans for some bale hauling on Monday for me. It'll be good to get those bales out of the way, then I don't have to think about them anymore.

  5. I go away for four days, and look at all the work you got done, impressive.