Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Basement is just about done.

See, there I went and did again, I underestimated how long a basement would take to dig. I even went to town this morning and bought some lumber to build some concrete forms for my footings. The plan was to have those in by this evening. lol. It is time consuming digging even a small basement with a 410 backhoe. I was just working the poor old backhoe to death. The basement is actually dug, but I do have a little bit of touch up work to do on it. I'm thinking maybe a couple of hours. But I guess I should'nt even say.


  1. Hey Bud, looking good! What are the markings? Looks like random numbers...or were you working on your 6/49 picks?

  2. Looking good, buddy...looking good!

  3. Maybe I will use for the 6/49 Cath, it could be my lucky day. But actually, the numbers represent how many inches I have to skim off to get it to the same grade as the top right corner. Where ever there is a horizontal line, means I already went too deep. lol. There is lots of those.