Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still Diggin.

At the beginning of the day(about 1:00 pm once I got started), I kinda thought I would have been done with my basement digging tonight, but I am not. It is time consuming stuff, especially for an ammeteur. Alot of my digging today was kinda learning, but I think I have it all down now. The thing that seems to take all the time is getting off and on the backhoe all the time to check my depth. I don't want to go too deep and have to fill things in, it's just not suppose to happen that way.

I welded that plate onto my bucket teeth for cleaning up and for precision, and it works great. It took a little time to get used to it, but I can see now, that there is no way it could have been done properly without that. I can't believe that it is still on there with my welding. I know it aint pretty, but it's working for now. I have been kinda gentle on it. I should have the basement dug tomorrow easy, if they don't need some bales hauled at work. I know that is getting real near and I can't wait till it is all done. I did kinda send in a bit of hint that I would rather not be the bale hauler this year if at all possible, but we'll see what happens with that. lol. I gotta do what I gotta do, to keep them all happy at work.

I forgot to take my camera today, but I did get a couple shots with the phone cam. They are real low quality photos, but they are photos. One is the chunk of grader blade on the bucket, and the other one is the finished depth of the basement at the highest corner. That depth is about 5.5 feet. In that basement picture is a water line level that I built. I don't have any fancy laser transits and all that fancy stuff, but a water line level should keep me pretty close to the same level through out the basement dig. I hope. It is a tricky process for a beginner.


  1. Now I see what you mean by welding the plate onto your bucket Mark. Bet it does make a difference. Lookin' nice!

  2. Hermit,
    What a nifty idea to weld that plate on the bucket. It seems to be doing the job real well. I think you're doin' great. ~jen

  3. Hey Jeanie it makes a real big difference. And to my surprise, it is still on and working. I did have to touch of the weld on one tooth though, but nothing too serious.

  4. Hey Jen, most people use a chuck blade or a clean up bucket instead of a digging bucket, that they can put on or take off all the time when needed, but I don't have all that fancy stuff, just an old backhoe and one worn out old digging bucket.