Monday, July 20, 2009

Just rambling about the invisible shack.

I hav'nt even got started on my shack yet. Everythings ready, cleaned up, all marked off and ready to start digging, and it has been that way for quite awhile. I'm just not quite ready mentally, I guess. Every since the permit people changed my life long dreams in about a day, I have had to do some thinking and educating myself. I do kinda know what I want to do, but I just want to be sure, and now is a great time to think about things as I have been very busy at work and we have been also getting alot of rain in the last couple of weeks. I am glad that I did'nt start doing any digging yet. Although, I worry alot about what everyone else may be thinking. But when I think about it, that should be last thing that I should worry about, but sometimes I do anyway.
I really do believe that I am going to put a basement under my shack. It is along way from my initial plans, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Water coming in should be free from freezing, and it will give me alot extra room for my services etc. My intial plans had me with an rv size bathtub in the bathroom, because thats all I was going to have room for, with a washer in there also. Now the washer can go in the basement as can alot of other different things. I sometimes like to stretch out in the tub and relax, so a full size one, I think, would make alot more sense.
I hav'nt really had much experience in the basement building department, and there does seem to be more to it than I think. If I were like most people I know, I would have phoned a foundation contractor and got them to build me a basement and not even asked questions such as how much it will cost. I am frugal. Almost annoyingly frugal, although I always pay my own way. I find it hard to find people to work with me on things. I always seem to end up doing all my own work after educating myself on it. But I did think maybe I would just get someone to pour me a basement, and that would be done. I had a concrete guy out at my acerage on the 11th of July to give me some prices on a basement. I am still waiting for him to email me with some figures. I even phoned him a few days after, and I'm still waiting. When I was talking to him, I knew how much concrete was per cubic meter, and how much it would be to have it hauled out there, I even had a pretty close estimate of how many meters I would need. Maybe he did'nt like that. It's pretty simple though, give me your price, I will either say yes, or I will say no. I don't understand why he would'nt get back to me, I kinda thought we were in a recession. Trying to get something done, seems more like we're in boom times. Maybe he thinks I am a non payer. He maybe should'nt judge the book by it's cover if that is the case. lol. Most people usually don't see me as a guy with money. I'm not saying I'm wealthy, but I am frugal and I very rarely get loans to purchase things. It is easy to save money if you have no payments. And if you are frugal. But it seems that very few people out there believe that it is possible for guy like me to actually have enough money for a basement. When they see me planning a tiny little house, I think they assume that I have very little cash ola. I will stop rambling about money now.
If I go with the wood type basement, I need an engineer to design that for me. On July 6 or 7 I had my engineer lined up, he was from out of town, I was ready to go ahead with it and 2 days later he phones me up and tells me that he is going on holidays from the 13 to the 27 of July, and won't be able to get things started until he gets back. So far things have kinda worked out with that, as I have been really too busy to be building anyway.
I do have full intentions of getting things started soon. I know I am very slow at things, but thats just the way I am. At first when I got my permits, I was all gung ho to give'r, and everytime an obstacle got in my way, I got all hyped up and stressed out. That was'nt good. I now have it in my mind, that it just dos'nt matter. It will happen when it happens. And I am not even exactly positive what I even want to do at this time for sure. If the concrete guy, or the wood basement guy would have worked with me a little better, they probably could have chosen my destiny. I am kinda wishing I would have put more thought into being sneaky, and not even dealing with the county or the permit people. I admit, I was wrong there, but it is too late to think about that one for now. One thing that I am positively sure of, is that we live in a pretend world. So I have codes I need to follow. I thought of buying that book of stupid codes. There is'nt a book of codes, there seems to be numerous different books of codes, and seems to me that I would be broke rapidly if I were to buy them all. I went to the library to look up codes, that book referes me to another book, (that the library did'nt have). And nothing seems to be written in simple english that I can understand fully anyway. I am learning alot about alot of different things. Right now things seem pretty tough and stupid to me, but after getting through this one thing, I will be like a pro if I ever wanted to build again.
Anyway, this is just an update, hopefully I get things going soon, but plans sometimes change temporarily. Everything I do, seems to be played by ear. To me, it just seems smart to work when it is there, and build when that chance comes. I am kind of a lazy guy, and on the other hand, I am a workoholic. I apologize about this long boring message. One other thing I wanted to mention also, after the foundation surprise, I have kinda had a bit of a fear about even getting started on my project. I just wonder how many more big surprises that I am going to encounter. My foundation jumped in price probably about 10 times from the initial estimate. It is against the law to be smart with your money, it seems. Maybe I'm just whining, but I don't think so.
I know I'm not whining, I'm just explaining, thats all. I'm happy right now, really. Ok, bye for now.


  1. They write those codes so you need a lawyer to read them.

    I plan on just doing what I want on my land. F**k-um.

    Hang in thereand build what you want. Good luck.

  2. Hey Mark, sounds like you are keeping busy! That's a good idea to check all of your options before building.
    At least work is keeping you busy while you wait to hear from the cement man and the wood man.
    If I were a betting girl, I'd bet you will still be in your shack before winter hits. :)

    Thanks for the update Mark. :)

  3. Hey buddy...what it all comes down to in the long run is this...You are the one that's going to live there, so do it the way you want! Don't worry about what the other guys say! Chances are, since you got the permits, you'll never see the permit folks again...theryhave your money already!

    Good luck on what ever you decide!

  4. Hey Hermit,

    Was startin' to worry bout ya since I hadnt seen you post on yer blog. Its good to know that work has kept you busy. I know what you mean about puttin' off building right now. I was kind of like that until one day I just decided I was gonna start and I did that very day. It has definately been a long and drawn out process...always something or other gettin' in the way. My advice to you is to take your time. Mistakes will be made but you will learn from them for future projects. I have made alot of mistakes on my lil cabin but if I can fix it I do and I can live with it. Keep yer head up friend. ~Jen

  5. Your right Tony, they sure don't seem to want things to be simple for a guy. I'm wishing I kept things a little more secret now. The permit process is totally against everything I believe in. I never realized it would be this stupid.

  6. Thanks Jeanie, one way or another, I'm pretty sure I will be out there before winter, even if it is in some old dragged in temporary home of some sort. I can kinda predict that there will be a bunch of hay for me to haul in the near future.

  7. Thanks Jim. I guess I am the one I need to please. Thats what the old man used to tell me all the time anyway. But as far as the permit guys go, they check out the foundation, then the framing, wiring, and plumbing, and then they want to inspect the final product. But ya, they probably don't care much since the money is in there pocket.

  8. Thanks Jen. It is kind of a touchy subject finding the exact time to start. Once I start, I am committed and I want to beable to keep going on things for awhile once I do get started. So I guess maybe I am just waiting for that right time. Sometimes I wish they would just fire me from my job, then the problem would be solved. I'll just have to take some time off once I start, I guess.

  9. Hey Frug, I agree that what anybody else thinks is the very least of your concerns. It is YOUR house so build it FOR YOU! I came across this site some time ago and got some really neat ideas here...just thought I'd pass it along for your enjoyment. Have a good one.:)

  10. Sometimes a guy just has to rant. Nothing wrong with that.

  11. Thanks Carol. I had a look at that website, it is pretty interesting.

  12. Hey Coal. Ya, once inawhile, I need to rant and roll. Just thought I should put some kind of an update. Are you guys getting any more busy at work lately?