Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Work Week

It figures. I have my building permit. It has actually been issued to me last Friday, but I did'nt even realize that until Monday. But like I said, work was supposed to be busy for the first part of this week, I'm still givin'er. Had to go and pick up a cattle liner in Edmonton that the boss bought at a Ritchie Bros sale, and then busy with hauling equipment to the new road job that just fired up today. Once things are all in place, supposedley, things should slow down for me again. I hate to say it, but going to work is actually like taking a paid holiday to me from what I have been doing lately, although, I would still rather not be at work right now.
Before I start to build, I do need to get some things straightend out. It sounds like I need to have an engineer design my foundation drainage system, (because of the wood foundation). I also need an Alberta based engineer to either stamp my rafter plans or draw something up for me. (Something like that, I'm not even sure at this time). lol. I'm not real sure who to even phone and find out these things yet. I am just trying to find a spare moment to get this stuff done. I have to work in the morning and hopefully I will be done for a while. I am planning to get on this stuff tomorrow afternoon (June 26) hopefully. I don't really want to get started digging until I talk to an engineer or who ever, because if I have an engineer on the line, I just might even change my whole foundation plans all together. It sure would be nice to go with the simpler, less expensive post type foundation for my minature mansion. I did phone my permit guy the other day. I had a pile of questions for him, and he was actually quite helpful. Seems like a pretty good guy actually. I totally understand now the reasoning behind the permit system. It does make alot of sense, although in a perfect world I would still rather bypass it alltogether and just build. Sometimes that would make alot more sense, but in my case, where I am, it just would'nt.
Well I have some pictures of my paid holiday from this week so far.
This is the cattle liner the boss just purchased for me, he must have forgot that I am trying to build a house. lol. It was a nice drive to Edmonton. I like these trips once inawhile, it is relaxing and gives me alot of time to think about everything on my mind.
Lots of buggies are required on the new road job. Lots of wheels to haul them too. This one is a 631E Cat motor scraper.
The D9N Cat Crawler.
And a bunch of other goodies and a dawg. So anyway, I enjoyed this little run of work for this week, but I really do hope that it goes away now. Not for everyone else, but just for me. Enough already. Time to build real soon.


  1. Hermit, I am so happy that you finally got your building permit...figures you would get it just when you have to start work Now you can start going at it as time permits. Maybe you can have it enclosed by the winter? You're job actually doesnt seem so bad. Things are comin' along. Keep hangin' in there.

  2. Great news about the permit Mark, nice!
    I bet you will be in your house before the snow flies. Good luck with your foundation plans, hope all goes well.

    Those are some mighty big cats Mark, makes my little tractor look like a toy. lol

  3. Thanks Jen. Thats what I was afraid of, work starting up. I don't mind though for this brief period, but once I get going, I will probably have to turn some work down at times. I really hope I am working on the inside, for winter. It really should'nt take too long once things get started. I hope.

  4. Thanks Jeanie. I'll bet I will be in it for winter too. You don't want to park your tractor in the way of some of that stuff, that D9N cat would squash your little Ford 8n like a bug. lol.
    Just so ya know. lol.

  5. Guess it's true that when it rains, it pours, huh?

    Good news on getting the building plans.

  6. It is a fact Jim. I got the permit, but a couple of things need to be ironed out yet. We're working on it. Hopefully soon things will start to happen.