Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tomatoe Crop and the Floor Construction

Saturday was kind of a write off although I did manage to bring in all my tomatoes for fear of frost, and it did freeze that night(next morning). That is my whole gardening experience for the summer. lol. Next summer I will expand a bit. I did go out to the acerage on Saturday, but the sky was'nt looking all that promising. I did'nt even want to pull the tarps off my project for fear of rain. And it did rain, and blow, and it was colder than heck. I thought this would be a good time to test my new to me bunk house. I wanted to know if I would even try to live in there for awhile this fall/winter. I lit the furnace, grabbed my newspaper and a cold near beer, and relaxed. It took a little while for the furnace to warm the shack up, but once it was warm, she was cozy. I even peeled off my coat had a power snooze on one of the bunks, even though there was'nt even a mattress. The little shack is pretty plain, but I kinda like it. I'm getting to be pretty sure that it is going to become my new home as of November 1, while I build on my cabin. I don't think my house will be quite ready to move into by then, and I think that my house in town is going to be rented out. I don't know for sure, but I think so. I have a funny feeling that I'm going to be a true blue homesteader in no time. I'll have to figure out a way to warm up the seat in the outhouse. lol.

There's all my bigger tomatoes............... Now what?

And all my little cherry tomatoes.

This is what I was doing on Friday, until the rain came and shut me down.

This is what happend today. There are alot of things that need to be done to this floor yet. But at least there is some nailing happening. Thats what I like to see. I have to go into town and get some supplies in the morning. I changed my mind on the floor from 24 inch centers to 16 in centers, so I will need a few more 2x6's and I'll need to get some different insulation to fit between the joists.


  1. Mark, both your bunk house and wood work on your basement look great. I didn't realize the bunk house had a kitchen area and bunks...that's nice!
    I can see your house coming together fast if the weather holds off. :)

    Your tomato stash is a nice one too... you can always slice and can the large ones for frying or make pickles with the small ones.
    Like you have time for that! lol Another option is wrapping them in newspaper and let them ripen.

    Good luck with the weather and remember to tie down your insulation before ya haul it home tomorrow. lol :)

  2. your tomatoes look yummy!when they're ripe, i eat them whole and uncooked with lots of salt!

    OR you can make a good tomato soup by bringing water to boil, add the quartered tomatoes, crack a whole egg,and dump it into the boil (watch the magic!) and add some sliced onions. don't forget the pinch of salt and half a pinch of sugar. if you want to make it taste oriental, add a tsp of sesame oil and green onion leaves or leeks! voila! warm soup on a cold night!

    congratulations on the progress of your project...good luck sir! that's a great life indeed!


  3. Hermit,
    Thats some good progress right there. It never fails when one is on a roll with a project. Bad weather has a way of puttin' things on hold. Im glad you went with the 16" centers on the floor joists. Makes for a sturdier floor. Good lookin tomato harvest you got goin there. Maybe let some ripen for a good salsa or tomato sauce? You've got plenty to experiment with. Glad you've got somewhere dry and warm to relax in while there. We're still having temperatures in the 90's. Go figure. Anyway, you're doing great. ~jen

  4. Jeanie, that sounds interesting, slicing and canning the green tomatoes for frying. I think you might have to get me educated on that. Or, I could let them ripen, and then can them, but there too, I will need a little educating. Either way, I would like to do some canning just for the experience. I think maybe you should send me some education if you don't mind. lol.
    All my insulation made the trip today Jeanie, thanks for the advice, I owe you one.

  5. I like eating tomatoes raw and with salt too W.W. But I kinda think that once they start getting ripe, I might not be able to keep up. I might even get burnt out from to many tomatoes all at one time. That soup sounds interesting, I think I'll have to give that a try sometime soon. Thanks W.W.

  6. Hey Jen, the bad weather seems to sneak in there with out any notice. I can see by your blog that we both battle the weather at times, but I guess it is a reality of life that will be there no matter what we do. I'm glad I changed to 16 inch centers too. 24 inch would have been down right crazy. I would really like to experiment with the tomatoes a bunch and try alot of different things, but I'm thinking that right now just is'nt the time. I have way to much going on before a bunch of snow starts falling, but I know I gotta do something with them for later days. I do like salsa though, and I just might have to give that a try sometime. Thanks Jen.