Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Bit of Everything Today

Mom and I went out to the acerage this morning with intentions of building on the basement floor some more. But once we were out there, something made me think that I should work on the sewage treatment mound first. It just seemed like something that should get done soon, before a bunch of snow dumps or something. So we flattened out the rest of the expensive sand in to a 400 square foot area. 10 x 40 feet. Then spread a layer of tile rock on top of that. The next step will be to istall two rows of perforated pipe down the length of the mound and connect it all to the pump out hose that can be seen in the picture. Then more gravel over that, some straw, fill, and topsoil. And don't forget the grass seed that gets sprinkled on top of that. I could'nt remember just how much gravel needs to be on the mound, so we were kinda guessing today. It should be close, but I may need to add a little more yet. I feel it was a pretty productive day and I am really glad that I got this portion of the mound done. Now I have room to haul some more gravel in, if the time is right.

We covered the mound with a tarp in case it snows and to keep all the leaves off etc.

Then we proceeded to do some more building on the basement floor. We're still beefing it up a bit. I am in the process of installing blocking between the joists. Before heading home for the day, we decided to winterize the RV. I just know that one of these nights it is going to drop well below freezing. It was dark and lightly snowing when we headed for town.
The month of October is going to be pretty interesting. I'm sure it is going to fly by even quicker than all the rest this summer. I will be moving out of my home in town by the end of October. One month. It is going to be pretty interesting. The place I live in needs a bit of TLC before the renter moves in. Just a few little things, but I need to be packed up and out. All the while trying to get as much done out at the acerage also, so that I can actually survive out there in my 8 x 24 shack on wheels. lol.. I am so mixed up at the moment, I'm not real sure what to do first. lol. I can't really see me moving into the new house by that time, so I guess I should maybe concentrate on getting the shack setup first, then it just dos'nt matter. I kinda wish it was about the 1st of June today. I would also like to have the main floor on and the basement backfilled before alot snow and cold hits. It's going to be interesting.


  1. Hope you make it before the snow comes, buddy! You are making a lot of progress, though.

    I'm glad that your mom can see it all getting done and is able to help some. I'll bet she is enjoying it!

  2. That makes two of us hoping the snow stays away for a bit Jim. It's pretty nippy this morning. -6C(25F). Mom does enjoy it out there too. She is a big help. Thanks Jim.

  3. Mark, you are getting an amazing amount of work done...
    Hope the weather and the paying job hold off for a month so you can get settled in. I'll send some of this sunshine and warm weather your way.
    It's looking great!

  4. Wow...looks like you have quite the project ahead of you. Sounds like its moving right along.

    Great blog.


  5. Thanks Jeanie, but I think you pushed the wrong button on the weather thing there. You gotta change cannels or something, it's raining all day long around here. lol. I have lots to get done indoors anyway, I guess.

  6. Hey Cherie. It's just a small shack, but it sure does seem like a big project at times. It's been taking enough time anyway. Thanks Cherie, I like your blog too.