Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pouring Concrete on Saturday Hopefully.

Getting the pipes all together.
It's a dirty job, but someones got to do it.

The Peterbilt looks pretty small from up here.

Rain, rain, rain. But today was nice and the near future kinda looks good, I hope. September is zipping right along. I can remember the 1st and the 2nd, but what happened to the 3rd-8th. Yesterday I hauled 4 loads of topsoil from the new future Ritchie Bros Auctions site just East of Grande Prairie. I should have enough topsoil for my mound, landscaping, and maybe a little left over just for planting trees and a garden sometime. I am still going to have to haul another load of tile rock, and mabye some gravel soon. All this hauling would normally be pretty costly, but I am hoping to get a good deal. lol. I do expect to pay for my fuel and maybe a little for rent. I'm not real sure what the boss has up his sleave. I used his truck for hauling the topsoil, sand, gravel and tile rock, and his hoe for loading the topsoil. I don't know why, but I threw in a video of me loading some topsoil. I held the camera between my knees. Just thought it would be interesting to see a hoe in action from the seat. lol. From all the dust flying around, one would think that things were pretty dry here, but that is definately not the case.

I was wanting to line up a cement truck for Friday, but could'nt get one until Saturday, which is good, because , as it turned out, I am not ready yet. When I look at what needs to be done, I think it should take a couple hours, but then it usually ends up taking the whole day and then some. Today my plan was to have my plumbing in the ground and under the footing. That plan backfired when I accidentally glued a chunk of 4" a little off kilter. I knew how I wanted it, but it just did'nt end up there, and I tried to change it real quickly, but it was too late. That 4" pipe is a little akward to work with. Anyway, I need to pick up some new fittings and redo some of it. So the pipefitting came to an end for today. I started to clean out my forms. The off and on rain I had lately kinda softend up the ground that my little house will sit. I thought I should scrape the top layer of dirt off, so that the ground could still be called undisturbed soil. Maybe I am being too picky? I don't think so. I know alot of people whos house shifts alot. Walls cracking, sewer pipes underneath getting damaged and causing all kinds of problems and basement floor heaving, etc. I just want to do what I can to try and avoid all this. If I can start with a good dry and solid foundation and try to keep it that way, I just may have one of the most well built houses(shack) in Canada. lol.

Hopefully the weather works with me for a while. I'm getting tired of looking at that empty hole in the ground. I really need to start working on a different phase. Maybe I can spend a couple months building the basement floor. lol.

The video seems to be taking a million years to upload, I don't know whats going on. Maybe I will try again tomorrow or something. For now, I'll throw in some pictures.


  1. Sending luck your way to get this project done.
    Don't forget the pics eh?

  2. Mark, that's great news! Hope the weather holds up for you.
    Your truck does look kind of tiny from that view...not sure if I would be comfy up that high. lol
    Can't wait to see your video. :)

  3. Thanks Diane, I can use all the luck I can get. I'll put some pictures up as I go, except when I have a major screw up, which is bound to happen alot.

  4. Hey Jeanie, so far the weather is going good. It is supposed to be nice on Saturday also. I tried to upload that video again, but I got tired of waiting. I don't know, it is'nt a real long video.

  5. Keep plugging away Mark. As long as something get's done, it will be worth it. Great pics.

    See Ya