Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost Ready for Wood

This is where I am at with my project. I hav'nt done much since this, because of just a touch of bad weather(not major bad), an auction sale set me back about a day, and my pay job also set me back a bit. Today I was getting a bunch of quotes on lumber and other goodies, then I picked up my new shack and hauled it out there. I did a bit of digging for my water storage, but did'nt quite get it done when darkness came. In the morning I should be picking up a culvert cistern and some lumber and hopefully getting a good start on the basement.
This is how all the piping is connected to the sump. If ever you are building your own home, this is NOT a real common way of doing things.

Some of my green tomatoes at home in town. I am trying to leave them on the plants as long as possible, but I also am prepared to bring them in soon as old jack frost should be sneakin around the corner sometime soon. This is my first time growing tomatoes and there are some pretty good sized ones hiding in there somewhere.

I went auction saleing, and look what I found. It is quite possible that I will be giving my town home up to a renter on Nov 1. It's not written in stone, but if it does happen, I am now prepared. It is not even close to being fully loaded, but it does have a propane heater and stove, along with some other goodies. My RV is not really designed for the winter conditions, but this thing will get me by for awhile. I will be roughin it though. It does have a kitchen sink, but no running water. Even if I don't rent my place out in town until the spring, this will be handy to have as a place to relax and warm up etc. while building.
The last few days I hav'nt been around very much. I stayed out at the acerage for a couple nights, then I went to the auction sale, then to work on my pay job. Tonight, I am going to sleep in my own bed for a change. I did have a glance at a few blogs, but I did'nt seem to have much time for commenting to many.


  1. The work seems to be moving along Frugal, and the van would do nicely I suspect. Looks good! The tomatoes could be covered if you don't want to pick in a hurry, although your frosts are very different to our Aussie frosts from memory lol

  2. Hey Molly, thanks for stopping by again. A little frost would'nt hurt if the tomatoes are covered, but I could wake up one morning to see -10 celcius or even colder, ya never know. I heard someone say we are suppose to get some snow sometime next week. I really hope it is just a rumor.

  3. I have been a busy man Tony. They called me in to work again today. I really did'nt want to do it, but I did. I have to protect my position.

  4. You're sure doing a great job Mark.
    Nice score at the auction too!
    I'm really happy to hear that Traction made it home safe and sound the other day. That had to be pretty scary for both of you!

    Let me know if ya need any green tomato recipes. I'll be canning mine up soon. :)

    Everything's lookin' good Mark!

  5. Making progress, my friend! It's all start5ing to come together!

    Good work!

  6. Thanks Jeanie.
    Ya, the shack is just what I was looking for. Who even needs to build now. lol. I'm glad Traction made it back too. I was starting to get pretty worried there for awhile. For years she has always been with me and hardly ever on a leash. She roams free and I have never had anything like this before, so it had me wondering. I think I would like to try and can some tomatoes too, even if it is 3 or 4 jars. Just so I can say that I did. Any home canned tomatoes I have ever had were always alot better than the store bought stuff. I think you might have a fried green tomatoe recipe on your blog, maybe I will try that one out soon. Can you can them green Jeanie? That would be different.

  7. It's happening a little bit at a time Jim. But it's happening, thats the main thing. Thanks Jim.