Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poured Footings

Just a bit of a start on the mound to see how it is going to work out.
I guess we'll put the propane tank on here.

The freshly poured footings.

Yesterday was a real big day for me, just to get everything ready for todays concrete pour. Actually, I have been working on these footing forms for quite some time. All that work, and for about a half an hour pour, if that. It all took a bit longer than that though, as I did have some extra concrete and we had to figure out some way to put it to good use. I know I should have been a little more prepared for this, but I simply ran out of daylight last night. I was even going pretty good this morning before the concrete man showed up, just doing some finishing touches. One thing I am positively NOT very good at, is estimating how long certain jobs will take to complete.

I was planning on getting some pictures of the pouring process, but once we got going, I simply did'nt have time to even think about things like that. I had a hard time keeping up sometimes. The pour went way better than expected, I had visions of a wheel barrow going back and forth quite a few times, but as it turned out, I did'nt even have to use it. Even the center telepost footings were reached by the cement truck, just barely. Another benefit of building a tiny mansion.

After the cement man and myself finished pouring the footings, my help arrived. lol. He did get there in time to help with the propane tank base that we poured with some left over product.

Not very much got accomplished after the cement truck left. We did a little measuring and inspecting. I had a bit of a headache, and it was a nice day to relax for bit. After my help left, I had a bit of a snooze, and then did a little landscaping at the sewage mound, for a change. It was nice to get out of the basement for a while. There are some more things I need to do in the basement before the wood starts to fly.
There are actually alot of different things that could happen before the wood flies. Septic tank, cistern, trenching etc. It almost looks like I could use 2 or 3 of me. But really, time dos'nt matter to me on this project anymore. I am enjoying it as I go along. The footings are poured and it is time for a new phase of the project, I am kinda excited. lol.


  1. Mark, that is so exciting! Looks like you did a great job!!
    As busy as you've been for the last couple of weeks, I'm glad to hear you took a much deserved break this afternoon.
    It's looking great Mark!

  2. Great-pouring concrete-a good thing. It always goes fast. If only the forms would go that fast. lol Lookin good man.

  3. Feels good to be making some real progress, I'll bet! Looks real good, buddy!

  4. I think all the manual labor ahead of me, might be cause for a few breaks Jeanie. I'm a trucker man and not used to all this real work. lol. Thanks Jeanie.

  5. Tony the sad thing is I'm still not even done with the forms. They are off now, but now I still have the pile of lumber I'll be tripping over. Thanks Tony

  6. It does feel good Jim. I like it when I can see a difference at the end of the day. Thanks Jim.