Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cistern and some Building Supplies.

Wednesday was going to be a productive day in the building departement. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. I went and picked up my culvert for water storage, then I went over to the lumber yard and bought my lumber. Then as I was waiting for my load, the phone rang, and I just knew that I should have dropped it on the ground and stomped on it, but instead, like a moron, I answered it. There went my day of building as I had to go to work, and there is no way that they could have possibly lived without me. lol.
I was able to get an earlier start this morning, but I did have to go and put a deposit on my trusses that I ordered. The day was windy. I had 5 packs of insulation all bundled into one and was laying loose inside the culvert. When I started down the hiway, I seen the wind pick up the bundle and haul it away. It hit the hiway and did a few bounces and rolls, and to my amazement, it all hung together in the bundle. I had visions of yellow insulation blowing all over a farmers field and the hiway, but I got lucky I guess. I can't even believe the wind picked that up. It is insulation, but it is pretty heavy the way it packed tightly like that. I had to go and get it out of the ditch, and it was hard work getting it back on. This time I tied it all down.

I did'nt get around to working with the wood at all. It was pretty windy and I just felt more like getting that cistern out of the way today. I had to finish digging the hole and drop it in there. That took the rest of the day.
I am hearing some nasty rumors about some snow supposed to be coming on about Tuesday. Not really looking forward to that.


  1. Looks good, what is the base made of and how will you cover it?

  2. Wow Hermit,
    You got buildin' material now. Things are taking off nicely. I look forward to your progress. You are doing great! ~jen

  3. Thanks Wretha-I am going to pour concrete in the bottom and chaulk around the edge with something, not sure what just yet. For a cover, I am going to build an insulated 2x4 framed lid to hopefully keep ice from developing.

  4. Thanks Jen. That makes 2 of us who are looking forward to my progress. I just hope the weather holds good for awhile yet.

  5. Just a thought, how about installing a small, solar powered water pump to circulate the water and possibly aerate the water at the same time, maybe even have a small battery on it to keep it running over night, moving water is less susceptible to freezing, and aerating the water would keep the water from getting stagnant. Again, just a thought, may be more than you want to do with this system.

  6. Wretha, that is definatley something to think about, but that could come sometime in the future. All I really need to do for now, to keep it from freezing is to keep the water level a little below ground level. If I only used the bottom 1/3 of that cistern, that is over 1000 gallons of water, and it would never freeze down that low. But I did'nt know that aerating water kept it from going stagnate. I will surely look into that. That is some good advice. Thanks Wretha.

  7. Lookin' good Mark!
    Glad the insulation held together as it bounced across the road. lol That would have been fun to clean up. :)
    I have an old wooden cistern here on my farm. It sits high in an outbuilding next to the house and uses gravity to feed the water to the house. I do not use it but it's nice to know it's there if I need it.
    The same outbuilding housed batteries for the windmill that powered the place.
    Someday I should get the wind power back in service.
    I'm enjoying seeing your progress Mark. You do excellent work!

  8. Jeanie-if all that insulation busted apart, the wind would have had insulation scattered everywhere. lol. Being a trucker and all, you would think I would have had enough sense to have it tied down to begin with. Under normal circumstances it would have been fine though, I am sure.
    A gravity fed water system would be cool, but I don't thing an extra large ice cube would gravity feed through a one inch water line, very well though. lol. If my cistern is full enough, it should gravity feed to the basement of my house, but I will still need to pump it to the services upstairs. That is intersting how your place was once set up. I think you should get some wind power happening again sometime, just for a small back up system maybe. But only if you're interested in playing with that kind of thing. Thanks Jeanie.

  9. You are a one man construction crew. Great work, and a hell of a lot done. Congrats!!

  10. Thanks alot Tony, that makes me feel pretty good about myself. There is the odd time that my mom comes out and gives me a hand, but she has'nt been out there for a while. It's pretty handy when someone else is there to pick up the small jobs such as cleaning up or holding a measuring tape and most of all, lunch detail. But it is entirely up to her if she wishes to come out or not.