Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interior Walls and Loft Framed.

The loft floor over the bathroom and kitchen. This is one of the advantages of a smaller house. Just one room to frame in. The bathroom. I still have work to do on the loft floor(blocking, fire block, attach the sub floor, etc.), but it can all wait until the roof is on for now.
Got the trusses home and a bit more lumber.

This is a view from where the loft window will be.
I have a bit more prep work before I put the trusses up. A smaller loft on the other side of the house.
Things have been drying up alot quicker around here than they usually do in the spring. I'm getting a little worried that soon work might get busy. Usually we're shut down for a couple months in the spring, but this could be one of those real short spring breaks. Possibly anyway. All I really care about is getting a roof on before some major weather.
I had a mouse in my shack for the last couple of days. When I first discovered this, I was on the phone when the dog was obviously after something. Then the mouse came out and started coming at me, I thought anyway. I let out a quick beller and jumped up on the chair. lol. It was a little imbarrassing, as I was on the phone. The following two mornings I watched the little guy touring around the shack at the other end from my bunk and I could hear him stirring around just as I was trying to go to sleep at night. As I was writing this blog I heard the mouse trap snap. Hopefully, that was the only mouse I had in here.


  1. ROFL I can just see you up in that chair screaming like a girl!!! :)

  2. lol Mark... too funny! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that jumps in a chair.
    Your place is looking danged fine.. great view from your loft window too!
    You've been busy!! :)

  3. Lol SciFiChick. I have to clarify just one little detail. I DID NOT scream like a girl. lol. I screamed like a man. Mice don't even scare me actually, except when they look like they are attacking.

  4. Jeanie, if I had my boots on, I would have stood my ground. lol. I suppose that if I turned a bullsnake loose in here, I probably would'nt have a mouse situation. I probably would'nt have a dog situation either though. That is a good view from the loft, I should almost put a balcony up there. It would be a nice place to have coffee and watch the sun rise in the morning.

  5. I vote for a balcony. :) Maybe a high-rise deck, or hey…. why not go all out and do a wrap-around deck. Only don't allow any space between the boards… it's gonna be a long way down if something falls through the cracks. lol
    As far as I'm concerned, the only good mouse is a dead mouse. lol

  6. Hey Sprouting Acorn. I have to think about the balcony for a bit. It sure is a possibility as I am planning to build at least a roof there over the front deck below anyway. I would like to sit up there at times and relax. The view would be pretty good for 180 degrees from north to south. The little mouse is gone, just when I was starting to get used to having him around. lol.