Friday, April 16, 2010

More Wall Sheathing Done.

I got the smaller loft in sort of. I know that there will have to be some modifications to it later for the wood stove chimney. So I left out one joist in the middle area. On this loft the joist spacing is 1 foot on center with 2x10 lumber. I don't have a wood stove yet, and am not real sure where the chimney will run exactly, so I did'nt mount everything to stay for ever. I could have totally left it out until the roof was on, but I am thinking that it will help with putting the roof on.
I was in the process of measuring my top plate for the truss spacing when I decided that maybe now would be a good time to finish sheathing the walls. (I know that I am a little backwards at times). It is a lot easier when I can do it from the inside. If I did this again, the walls would be completely sheathed before I stand them up, but I did'nt because I wanted to tie the split sections together with sheathing. It was quite a battle I had with some of this so far today, and I could'nt imagine doing it from the outside on a ladder.
My natural fridge is slowly disappearing. Today was the warmest we had this spring so far. I'm not sure what the temperature got to, but I'm sure it was well over 20 celcius. I had to go and put on a long sleave shirt eventually, because I thought I was going to scorch myself.

Anyway, somehow I seemed to short change myself on wall sheathing, and I am going to make a quick trip into town for some of that and a shower, in the morning. Once I'm done with the sheathing, it is time to start with the roofing. I'm sure the roofing will have me doing a little thinking for a bit to get things started. I'm kinda scratching my head thinking up ways of getting my gable ends way up there.


  1. It's looking so good Mark.. You've been busy!
    If I lived closer I'd help with those gable ends. It's going to be interesting seeing how you go about getting them up there.
    I know you can do it though.. I've got faith in ya. lol
    Just don't get hurt!

  2. I've been wondering myself how you are going to get those trusses up there! You backhoe arm won't reach that far will it? You be careful but I have faith you will figure out a way too. Oh, and I would have paid money to have seen you squeal and jumping around with that mouse!! lol! not like I've ever done anything like that myself...

  3. Thanks Jeanie. I agree with you, it is going to be interesting to see how those rafters get up there. I think I might have some help coming out for this one maybe.

  4. Annie, my backhoe would'nt even come close. The trusses probably won't be to bad, but the gable ends could be a different story. The trusses are about the weight of 6 14 foot 2x4's, by looking at them but I guess they could be a little awkward to handle.
    It's funny how one little tiny rodent can look so ferocious when they want to. lol