Sunday, January 24, 2010


Snow is nothing new for me. For 45 years I have been crawling, walking, falling down, or driving in snow, but I have never had a real close look at it before. Well, maybe a long time ago, but I kinda forgot what a snowflake looks like. They all look different, but they all have six usually symmetrical sides. Thats a big word for me, but thats what the encyclopedia told me today. It was snowing this morning and I brought my ice scraper out from the garage. I guess being black like it is, any new snowflakes really stood out and caught my attention. I just had to go get the camera. Little things that amuse little minds. lol.


  1. Wow...they look beautiful Mark! I don't think I've seen anything like em. Thanks for taking the picture and for posting it. :)

  2. Jeanie, you gotta have a look the next time it snows down your way. I bet your snow flakes look somthing like mine.

  3. Wow. That is so cool Hermit. Even things that fall from the sky can pretty. ~jen

  4. Great picture Mr Hermit....just the way I wish to see snow. only in a picture.

    See Ya

  5. How cool!! You really can tell that they're all different… and they really do look like those paper cutouts!! lol Isn't it great, all the things we can see and learn about if we only slow down and give it a little time….

  6. Those are so cool! I tried looking closely at the snowflakes when it snowed here a few weeks ago but they just looked like a jumbled mess. Those are beautiful.

  7. Jen:
    It was cool, it kinda cut into my building time just a little bit. I looked at alot of different snowflakes for awhile there.

    Thanks Tony. Ya know, you just don't know what missing out on. lol.

    The Sprouting Acorn:
    It is pretty cool, I was actually quite amazed at it all myself. I did'nt even really have to look all that hard, they were quite obvious today.

    Thank you. They WERE awesome. The photo was actually pretty hard to take, until I tried the macro setting.

    Thanks Annie. I think the colder weather may have had something to do with it. I'm going to pay more attention about it all in different types of weather. I can't remember the exact temperature that it was, but I do remember that it was kinda face numbing temperatures. And I'm guessing about -15C/4F.

  8. You did good on the picture, buddy! Kinda like taking time to stop and smell the roses!

    Very nice picture!

  9. Thanks Jim. It was a good time out. The snow flakes had me scratching my head wondering how they can make the perfect shapes they do.