Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plumbing Boo Boo

I know that I sometimes do things kinda backwards. When things were at this point in the game(above photo) I should have had a plumbing permit and I should have called Mr Permit man for a plumbing inspection. Then he would have told me that I need a vent line on my 2" line (smaller far left line) in between the trap and where it connect to the 3" line. Or that I should have left the trap off the 2" completely. It could have been put on above the floor. But instead of getting the inspection, I was eager to get things done and never really thought about it until the foundation was poured and I had the plumbing all covered with gravel. Then I went in, bought a permit, and told them I was ready for an inspection. He inspected it, but could'nt really tell what was going on with things. So I just kept on building, which was'nt the correct way to go about things, but I was'nt real concerned because it was a plumber who drew a picture for me to follow. He probably did'nt draw a trap on that 2 inch though.
Once I got to this point, (above photo) I start thinking that I would like to be certain that things are going to be good, before I completely close things up. I guess I could still change things if I absolutely had to, although it would be a major pain in the ass. Anyway, so I phoned my permit guy and started asking a bunch of questions. I thought that maybe I should just send him some pictures of the in ground plumbing, I should have done that earlier. So I did. So the 2 inch line that was meant for my laundry drain is'nt going to work for me, but it is not a major thing. I can tie in a new laundry line above ground and hook into the 4 inch main stack. Everything else is good I guess. The morel of the story is: always get things inspected when you are supposed to. lol. It could have been something that needed to be dug up and changed, but thankfully it was'nt. Well I can sleep again anyway. Floor drain construction (above).

The floor drain. All these little things in the floor do take some time. A concrete floor would have been alot quicker to do, but thats ok. I have nothing but time, sometimes.
This last week was actually pretty busy at work. I did'nt have to work today, but it was a pretty lazy day. That seems to happen to me after going to work, it takes awhile to get back into things. Today was spent paying bills and getting caught up on all kinds of paper work trying to keep track of my house building expenses and all.


  1. I'm sure glad your plumbing woes weren't big ones. Wouldn't that have been a headache!

  2. Glad to hear it's going to work out alright for you Mark. We're all learning from what you are going through. :) Thanks!
    As for the bills and paperwork... I wouldn't wish that on an enemy. lol

  3. SFC that would have been a tragedy if I had to did things up again. I did'nt think I would have to, but I did have some doubts for awhile there. I'm glad all is good also.

  4. I'm glad too Jeanie. It sure could have been worse. I have alot of reciepts and stuff and I just stuff them in boxes and cans and whatever else, then sometimes I just get the urge to put it all in the computer so I know whats happening and where all the hard earned cash is going. It is truly kinda nerve wracking at times. Hey I like your latest snow angel Jeanie. Don't you just love a fresh snow fall?

  5. Well Mark;

    At least you know where all the mistakes are, and where all the pipes are. The first house we had when the plumbing puked cost a bundle to fix.

    Gets scary when you add up reciepts...but the good thing: no payments. Keep up the good work.

    See Ya

  6. It is good to know where everything is Tony. Hopefully nothing ever has to be dug up again though. I do know of a guy who had to recently, what a pain. No payments is good and the way it will stay in this lifetime, hopefully.

  7. i just read a billboard that said something like "only those who don't try make no mistakes"…

    experiences (good, bad, or indifferent) are a part of life, they're just a sign that you're livin' and learnin' and there's nothin' wrong with that!! i'd rather see someone flubbin' up (and admitting it!!) than one who's afraid to take the first step…

    continue to be proud of what you're doing… missteps and all. :)

  8. Hello Sprouting Acorn. I'm usually not afraid to admit my mistakes. I'm sure I will probably end up with lots more of those on my little journey. It's all a part of learning, I guess. I am pretty proud so far. It takes a long time, but really, whats my panic? lol. Thanks for the comment.