Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snow, Batteries, and Solar Panels.

This is the veiw from my door. (Front porch???) I don't know, sometimes I think maybe this is the spot where I should have built my house. To late for that now though.
The building spot is actually straight ahead and between the black trailer and the garage. It will do.
The battery bank. I know, the wiring is a mess, the cables are all different sizes and it is just plain messy. But it works. lol.
Today I was putting some solar panels on the shack. I did'nt get them all up there yet. For a change it did'nt snow all day long and it was pretty warm, but I did have to shovel the roof off this morning so I could do my thing up there. Alot of the snow that used to be up in the trees melted or fell off. Actually today I could hear all kinds of crashing sounds around me with clumps of snow falling from trees and sliding off the garage roof etc. I hope my frozen meat stays that way.
P.S. Still lovin it.


  1. excellent pics bud, love the batteries inside the freezer. So basically its a office/construction trailer for the time being till your home is built?? This will get you through the winter, surprised how much snow you have already, is this typical for your area?? We get snow sometimes in Nov, usually Dec and have seen it show up in Jan.

    Why would you not use the fifth wheel rv for your temporary home and not the office trailer?? figuring it would have been more comfortable?? suitable??
    Big question is, how far are you from a Timmy's lol
    For water, what about a 1500 gallon tank, usually find them cheap used for 500 like i did have a water truck fill it for 80 bucks, or a water tank on your truck 65 gallon??? rig up a shower, propane water heater, 12 volt rv water pump.
    Figuring your batteries will loose alot of capacity due to the cold, but the solar charging will help, maybe move the batteries indoors where there is heat, you will have to vent to the outside though.
    nice to add some skirting to the shack, help to keep the floor warm if your in the wind at all.

    All in all, really like what your doing, if I were closer I 'd come and camp with you for a week as I see there is just enough room for my rv lol.

  2. Hey there, Just recently found your blog. Congrats on entering the dream. :) I"ll get there one day, hopefully! Currently in the process of gathering info / ideas.
    I wouldn't have thought to store batteries in a chest freezer.
    Again, congrats!

  3. Looks like you got it all going on...and it's looking good to me!

    You've made a big start on the dream, my friend! Good for you...!

    Enjoy the snow!

  4. Looks beautiful up there Mark, even with all that snow. :)
    You're sure doing a great job!

  5. Dreams do come true. It's great to live the life one wants. Cheers. Could do with less snow.

    See Ya

  6. Ohhhhhh Mark!! Look how pretty it is! Betcha you're smiling a lot these days! I think it's great!! Keep posting...

  7. Hey Coal. Ya it is a basic little bunk house. I'll give a little tour of the inside one day soon (when it is a little more organized). It is quite cozy and I would prefer it over my fifth wheel because it is thicker walled, better insulated, and uses absolutely 0 amps to heat it. When I am in bed or away, there is no power being used what so ever. With my RV, the furnace would be running constantly and so would a generator to keep it going. In -30 Celcius weather, I doubt it would even get to my ultimate warm temp of about 25 Celcius. I should have been born in the tropics.
    Timmy's is a fair distance from me now, which is OK. About the only thing I really have to do with Timmy's is occasionally buying and selling there stocks. lol.
    The snow situation, I have seen big dumps Oct 15 a couple years ago. I can remember a few years ago freezing water lines in my RV mid September as it got down to -10 Celcius one night. It is pretty unpredictable, I have seen some winters where there was absolutely no snow until about the new year.
    Right now, all I need for water is a 50 gallon tank. Then I would fill my few 5 gallon water containers that sit inside. It is supposed to be -10 here tonight. Some skirting is definately priority in the plans. I don't need to get real fancy on this shack with shower and running water and all that though. I'm just waiting for a good opportunity to get going on my house building situation, then I will soon have all the luxuries I need. If you're in the area, there could be a parking spot for a bit, hope your not allergic to a hammer and saw.

  8. Thanks there Sprouting Acorn. If you want to get there bad enough, then you will. So far it is working out good for me, but I do expect to have some bumpy parts somewhere down the line. The freezer is insulated but it dos'nt really keep the batteries much warmer, althoug it does keep them out of the wind and weather I guess. Good luck to you.

  9. Thanks Jim. Things are going real well so far. I'm not overworking myself, it's just right.

  10. Thanks Jeanie. Sounds like maybe you would like to have some of my snow. I'll send ya some if you like. It is beautiful, but sometimes it is in my way.

  11. I agree with you Tony, less snow and dreams do come true sometimes. I should have done something like this a long time ago. I have talked about it for years and years.

  12. Hey Cath, I hav'nt had a bad day yet since I came out here. I can't say I really accomplished a whole lot, with weather and my own personal laziness and all, but I sure have been enjoying life and smiling alot.

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  14. Frug, just had a thought, vent those batteries that are in the freezer, gases from the batteries can explode, yikes.

  15. Thanks Alex and you're welcome. I will keep you all informed accasionally.

  16. Hey Coal. They are vented. I guess you can't see it in the picture, but I have an 1.5 inch hole in the side wall up high, and also one down closer to the ground, also the hole where the cables all come through. I'm hoping that is enough ventilation, because if I give it anymore, the deep freeze is'nt really doing much good in the way of helping to keep the batteries warm. Last night it dropped down to minus 10 celcius and the batteries were at about 0 celcius when I woke up. Thanks for your concern Coal.