Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lots of snow.

Well I am all settled out at the acerage. I do have a mobile high speed internet connection, but I can't seem to upload a photo to my post yet. Maybe the pictures are to large, I don't know. I have been doing a few preparations for winter. Today I put on a propane switch over valve so that the propane will empty a tank and automatically switch over to the full one. My propane system is one concern that I do have with the oncoming winter. We do get some pretty frosty weather here sometimes. It is not real uncommon for the temperatures to drop as low as 40 celcius/ 40 Farenhiet or colder. At temperatures like that propane can quit flowing. I am trying to come up with a simple solution to try and avoid things like that before the time comes. Alot of times all that is needed is a 100 watt light bulb under the covered tank. If I happen to be here then I guess that could be arranged, but if were gone for a couple days, which could happen easily, then I don't know. I'll have to figure something out.
The shack is great. So far it has been keeping me toasty warm at temperatures about 0 celcius/ 30 Farenheit and about 3 to 4 inches of snow. Tonight is supposed to drop to about -9 C/15F. That will be a little bit of a test. It should be good though. This is just a bit of an update, I will get some pictures up soon.


  1. I'm sure glad you are ready. Cold country this early. Hope you don't have a hard winter.

    I'm still in the 90's here in paradise. I don't think I could take those cold temps any more.
    Michigan seems like a long time ago to me.

    Good luck and God Bless.

  2. Shoot Mark, it's sounding pretty cold up there. I can have problems with water lines in my well house freezing at times but didn't know propane would do the same. I'm still learning a lot from you. lol
    Glad to hear you are keeping warm in your new shack. :)

  3. I'm ready for some cool weather...but you can keep the snow! Stay warm, my friend!

  4. Hey Tony. I've heard alot of people say it's suppose to be a mild winter, I hope they're right. I would like to see it just a little below freezing, then things wont be such a mess for building. I actually don't like this cold stuff much either though.

  5. Hey Jeanie, I don't know if the propane will give any problems or not, but ya, it can quit flowing at times under certain circumstances. Something that I don't really know a whole lot about just yet, but I am in the process of learning. The shack is real cozy for now anyway.

  6. Hey Jim, the snow comes with the cold. It's the only way. You can't have one without the other. Not here anyway. lol. I do kinda wish it would have held off for awhile myself. It's suppose to get warm again soon and make a hell of a mess of things around here.