Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Calendar Needed

I woke up this morning out at the acerage to find alot of snow. Now it is 6:00 pm, I am now at home, and the snow still has'nt let up yet. I really must be looking at the wrong calendar, because I thought the month of June was about 12 days away. This is why it is called the "great white north" I guess.
Anyway, I spent the last 5 days out at my acerage. It was the May long weekend in Canada. Victoria day. I went out on Thursday and got home this afternoon (Tuesday). There were a few old friends that came out for some of it, and we did a bunch of camping and ATV'ing. Even the hermits gotta get out and play once in awhile. The weather was not real great, but we had alot fun anyway. The bush was nice and muddy, just the way we like it. I have a few pictures from the extra long weekend.
There were some minor damages, but no one got hurt.
The beaver were pretty busy building a dam.

We did see some wildlife, including elk, moose, squirrels, lots of different birds, a wild quad drivin jack russel and a weasel right on my own land. That might not be a good thing if I were to have chickens some day, but I really don't see much in the way of mice either.
Well that was my weekend. There were others with cameras out there too, and some other photos may come my way through email in the near future that could possibly get posted. The weather on this camp out was actually quite miserable. Rainy and cold. Friday morning was -5 celcius, I think I heard the radio say. There was frost on everything. I always had my furnace stoked right up at night. We did'nt let the weather hold us back from having fun though.


  1. Wow Mark, great pictures!
    Looks like a fun weekend...glad to hear there were no broken bones. lol

    Dang that looks like fun! :)

  2. It is alot of fun Jeanie. It's quite relaxing just to be out in the wilderness. Although, it is alot nicer if the weather cooperates a little.
    But I'll bet that it was just about as much fun as floating down a river in a galvanized water trough. lol.

  3. lol Mark, my "boat" IS a lot of fun. :)
    Glad to hear your weekend went well!

  4. Great pics, Frug! Quite a crowd at your place! We had a couple cool nights here in the Appalachians this week, got a frost and I think it hurt our blueberries that were in full bloom.....sigh..oh well, it is May and you know what that means...may or may not ..HAHA!

  5. Thanks Carol. So I guess I'm not the only one who got some frost. Hopefully we are done with that until October or November now. Sorry to hear about the blueberries, that kinda sucks.

  6. Nice pictures, FCH...I'd be glad to send a bit of the warm weather we've been having.

    Near Summer time temps here already...low 90s or there abouts during the day!

    Glad you had a good visit...looks like a lot of fun!

  7. I'm not sure if I have ever witnessed the 90's Jim. But I would sure like to give it a try. I hav'nt seen a day too hot for me here yet. I'm envious.

  8. Hey Mark! Great pictures...keep 'em coming!!

  9. Thanks Cath, I'll keep them coming eventually.