Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Front Porch

In reading Hermit Jims post this morning (, I find that (meadowlark) is having a porch give away contest, or something like that. So I checked it out I don't know if the contest is for the nicest or the ugliest porch, so I thought I would take a chance that it was all about the ugliest. I think I got this one won hands down. I'm almost embarassed to even show this, but what the heck. My porch is just a deck. Nothing real special.
I used to get alot of use out of my deck, until the neighbor next door upgraded and moved in a new modular beside me. Every since they did that, I suddenly quit using my deck to sit on. I probably like my privacy more than anyone I know, yet I have less privacy than anyone I know. I can't bitch, I just assume that this is town life. What can you do? Move. lol. So thats what I am going to do.
Since they moved their modular in a few years ago, they started using the entrance nearest my deck, when anyone, (there company, kids, who ever), needs to smoke, they are right outside my deck. I find cig butts on my lawn. Their two dogs use the same entrance. Now, I like dogs, but I kinda wish I could sit on my own deck, without constantly being yapped at. It got worse, since we put in the chain link fence, absolutely no barking and yapping is muffled. I do thank my neighbor for giving me the incentive to get the hell out of town. When I get moved, just like Jim, I plan on having me a kick ass porch. I don't really care what it looks like, as long as I can enjoy all the sights and sounds that surround it and a piece of it shelters the rain and snow.

I realize that my deck in town could use alot of TLC. And while out taking the pictures, I was reminded that I had better get the lawn mower fired up real soon also. I know, I am slacking. We had a lot of snow on the ground a couple days ago, this morning it is all gone. Here are some pictures of my deck and porch.

This last photo is the veiw from my deck looking at the neighbors main entrance. Really hope I did'nt depress anyone this morning. I know soon that it will be much better for myself. I can hardly wait. Life is good, and can only get better from here. I hope.


  1. You did depress me, a tiny bit. I hate neighbors. They SUCK.

    But your deck just needs a bit of stain, some flowers and a BIG SCREEN between you and the idjits!

    The contest is really just a lame-o way to see everybody's porches. And to meet new bloggers, because it seems like a giveaway brings new people to visit. I'm glad it did!

    Peace out.

  2. You mean, I did'nt win? lol. It's good to open up and just show the world a porch sometimes. I'm glad I did. Maybe there will be volunteers with stain pails and a paint brush coming over soon. Who knows?

  3. You just never know what adventures lay right around the corner!

    And both you and Meadowlark are correct...neighbors suck big least if they are close enough to see!

  4. There's nothing wrong with your deck Mark, it's just the location. If it were attached to a cabin in the wild... it would be the finest deck you would ever need. :)

    Good luck with the contest though. :)

  5. Hey Jim, ya neighbors to close does suck. I can't figure out why anyone would want to live in town. I've been here way too long.

  6. Thanks Jeanie, I agree with you 100%. Maybe I will bring this one with me when I go, then I won't have to build a new one, I'll just put a roof on it. lol. But I'm still looking for someone who knows something about staining decks.

  7. That's about how our porch looked before we built the walls and screened it in. Maybe some potted evergreens would make a nice screen around it...BIG ones! Yeh, I agree, take it with you up to the might end up needing it for firewood too!

  8. lol. Thanks for the advice Carol. Ever since you told me about how I might be looking around for anything to burn, I have been making little plans and stocking up. Nothing combustible goes to waste at my place. Ya just never know. It would be a sad day though, if one had to burn the deck. lol.