Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Exercise for the Month

Closer to town, when I look in all the fields, the snow seems to be getting shallower all the time. Almost shallow enough to walk on. Except for at my place I guess. Kinda thought I would go out there today and get some measurements, so I had a better idea with my upcoming plans of a cabin. Kinda had my heart set on lighting a fire and roasting some hotdogs also. There was a little more snow out there than I thought there would be. Even my backhoe will have a hell of a time cleaning that up. I'm sure it will do it, but it won't be easy. That snow is deep and heavy. I can just about walk on it, then I crash through it deeper than my knees. I had a couple of boards in my truck, that I thought I would use as snow shoes. They helped, but I sure hope nobody was watching the event. It was very slow going. I tried several different methods of walking on these things. I thought I would throw one out there, walk on it then move the other one, it kinda worked, but then I would break through and it was very slow. I took the top lace out of my boots and tried tying the makeshift snowshoes to my boots. That was short lived. Finally, I just held the lace by hand and kinda pulled the boards along as I went. It worked sometimes, but it was still pretty slow going, and I imagine I looked pretty stupid out there. My dog was running circles and I am pretty sure she was probably laughing at me. Maybe she was embarrassed that someone would see us. Sometimes I wish I were a dog. This one has it made in the shade.
Thankfully the snowmobilers, must not have noticed the no trespassing signs that they drove right by to get in there. There were snowmobile tracks about halfway in that I could walk on, but after that is where all the fun began. I know the signs must be pretty hard for them to notice. lol
So I got in there anyway. It sure was alot of work. My campfire idea is out and so is the measuring. I know that if I had to build a campfire, I surley could have, but it just did'nt really seem worth it today with it so hard to get around. But I did manage to bar-b-que my hot dogs. I also found another really good use for snow.

Those are only 0.5%, but they are kinda like the real thing.

I made myself a little catwalk over to the picnic table.
This last picture shows the trail I had to break. I went in and out on this one and I mangaged to break one of my snowshoes coming out. I guess maybe I had too many hotdogs.

Well I don't know. I did'nt get much accomplished but it was a nice day. I did envision some potential spots for the upcoming cabin, what ever it may be. I am looking for the perfect spot where everything will be allowed and also what would work best with a solar energy system in amongst the trees etc. I did notice today, that at noon the sun seems to be pretty darn high. So in April, I can't really see much problem with shading on solar panels etc. I should have sat out here for a day in Dec and I could have been quite abit smarter about that. I guess the trick is to get the panels up high and maybe trim a little off the top of some trees. That should'nt hurt spruce and pine I hope, does it? I know a good solar energy system would be best in the wide open area, but I do love being surrounded by trees. So I guess I will work around that somehow.

I am not even perfectly sure where all my boundery lines are, I have a good idea, but that is not good enough and I think I have to get a surveyer in here to find those for me before I can even apply for a developement permit. Thats kinda what I got out of my last conversation with the county girl anyway. I guess I had better get plowing some snow soon. Maybe even tomorrow. I have a feeling this is all going to be a long drawn out process, but I do want to try and keep it all legal so there are no complications down the road. The land is only 3.6 acres, it has six sides, and with a creek running around the outside edge of alot of it, so hopefully everything is going to fit. There is always a way, I guess. I hope. This is all going to be a learning experience for me, the next time everything will be alot smoother, including the purchase of the land. Later days.



  1. Looks like you had a great day Mark!

  2. Well, at least the dog was having a good time! Lots of snow, my man!

    That snow makes a pretty good beer cooler, huh?

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  4. Jeanie, it was actually a great day. Anytime I am out there it just seems to make life better. And it was a very sunny day.

    Jim that old dog loves it out there, and she was running circles around me as if to kinda rub it in how she can get around compared to me. The snow does have it's pros and cons. It does make an excellent beer cooler.

  5. yup I'm jealous, love the beer cooler, I hope the dog got some hot dogs too lol. what a nice piece of land you have there. solar, maybe a solar station out in the open away from your cabin and tiltable for full effect??? wow so many possibilities with that parcel of land.

  6. Thanks Coal. The dog usually gets what she wants or she'll annoy me until she does.

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