Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting the tank ready to go down.

Today, it was all about the water system, and probably tomorrow too. This is the tank that's going into the ground, I thought I would give one final cleaning. I think there is 2 leaves still in there that just did not want to come out. I'm afraid I might get stuck if I tried to crawl in there. It's pretty clean now, but was still showing a fair bit of sea weedy type algae or whatever in there when I started this morning.
I fixed the top of it a bit. It is not concave anymore, but who knows, when I start doing my thing in the cistern, it might end up being concave again. Hope not though. I had to build me a special tool to fix the tank. Just an 8 foot 2x4 with a 2 foot peice nailed on the end of it so I could put it in the tank and pry upwards.
Then I thought I better put some water in it and check for leaks. I only put in about 150 gallons, but it did'nt leak at the opening, even when I wriggle the valve around a bunch. The valve will be coming off, and the water line will be getting plumbed on here.
This was a pretty entertaining job, and alot of hard labor. The real soft and sloppy mud I thought should come out of the cistern. I started to pack it in pails. I would pack one up the ladder and then pull the other one up with a rope that I had tied to it. I'm pretty sure that I exceeded the weight limit of the ladder coming up. There was alot flexing going on anyway.
After packing about 8 pails of mud out of there, it was time for a different plan.
I hauled two hoe buckets of mud out. It still don't look the greatest thing for cleanliness down there, but I am now on more solid ground. Tomorrow, if the weather allows, I plan to put some tile rock down there and get it all nice and level. Then I'll put some pressured treated plywood on top the gravel for a nice flat surface. (Just happen to have a sheet and some scraps kicking around). A little plumbing, then down with the tank.


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  1. Looks good. We also want to sink a rainwater tank (or two) but our problem (in clay) is that when the clay gets wet it expands, and that can affect / damage the sides of the tank...

    1. Hmmm. I've never thought of that before. Is that all clay, or do you have a different type clay in South Africa? Maybe it's just more rain and hot. I did'nt really have to put the tank in the ground. I Put it into a culvert cistern that I was originally going to pour concrete in. Thought I would just try this as an experiment and to save pouring the concrete.