Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Temporary Propane Line and Cold Weather

Winter has finally arrived in Northern Alberta. It has been a very abnormally mild winter up until now. Now it is all of a sudden, real stupid cold. There don't seem to be such a thing as in between weather, which would be perfect for winter in my book. Me and my poor little dog almost froze to death last night. Actually I was pretty toasty under all those blankets, but the little dog woke up shaking pretty bad. For the first time since we been chumming together, I actually had to bring her in under the blankets with me, and keep her warm. I kinda felt like a mother hen there for awhile. But we survived. The thermometer on the wall read 8 celcius, but it is mounted high on the wall, pretty close to the ceiling. It was much colder than that down below. I have decieded that this is my last winter in this little shack. I don't mind the little, but that cold, just aint good.

A few days ago, I finally hooked the shack into the big 1000 gallon propane tank. And just in time too. The hundred pound bottles don't last long in this weather and are a pain to be changing all the time. It has been in the minus 30's all day today, and tonight is supposed to get right close to minus 40 plus a wind chill factor. I heard them saying on the radio wind chills of minus 50 or colder. That will defianately put the propane situation to the test. So far so good. Anyway, I got a piece of 30 foot pipe from a brother of mine. It costed me a 40 pounder of Gibsons Gold. I needed something to protect my propane line as it crossed the driveway.

I scraped some of the packed snow and ice off the driveway, with the backhoe, where the pipe was to be. Then I brought in a bucket or two of gravel that I have stored away for emergencies. I raked the gravel in there so all the pipe would be supported from movement when I drive over it.
Then about 3 buckets of gravel over top. The finished product. If you look close enough, you will see the propane hose coming out the end of the pipe, ready to be hooked up.
Then the hose coming out the other end and over to the wood pile.
Then from the wood pile to the tank. That is 150 feet of 3/4 inch propane line in all. (Three 50 footers). I went in to get a permit to do this, and it costed $150.oo. Did'nt really expect that to happen, but it did. Pleading and arguing did'nt change their minds. lol.
This is the only picture of this post that was taken today. After discovering how cold it was in the shack this morning, I decided to go to town and get some syrofoam insulation for the floor of my shack. I know it aint pretty, but it sure does feel better than that cold floor. I had a pop explode on the floor once this winter at about 3 in the morning one night. Scared the daylights outta me. Im not quite done with the floor yet, but it does make a little difference so far.
In the basement of the house, I have been trying to get my gas lines all done, but I hav'nt had a whole lot of time. This heater is one of two that will be down in the basement. I am hoping that these two heaters will keep things from freezing up when I am away for prolonged periods of time.
There's a glance at the wood stove that I am getting real eager to be stokeing up. I don't even care if I have to get up a couple times in the night to do that, as long as I am nice and toasty. I love the warm and I'm really starting to hate the cold. I'm not going to spend another winter in the shack, I just decided that. I will either be in the house or migrated south with the geese.


This is a personal blog, mainly for my own use. I am building a house with my own two hands, but I am learning alot of things as I go. I do not claim to know what I am doing, or if anything I do is even close to being done correctly or safely. So please, if you are planning on using any of my ideas or methods for your own use, please get professional advice before actually following through with your actions. I will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages of any kind caused by information or comments from this blog.


  1. LOL and here parts of South Africa hit 50oC (122oF) on Monday...

    I'm a cold lover myself - looks like we're both in the wrong place altogether LOLOL

  2. Wanna trade Dani? We'll do it seasonally every year. lol. Actually, I don't mind the cold at all, as long as I have a means to make it warm. The old shack could use some TLC and maybe a larger heater system. When liquids freeze, it's too cold for me.

  3. good grief! bursting sodas? ummmm, yeah, that's a little chilly. and the poor little dog.... ha. you know, you can put some of that foam-board insulation on the seat of an outhouse and it will keep your buns from freezing, too! :) it's what my friends in montana used.... stay warm up there!

  4. Hello there Lynnanne. ya sometimes it is rediculously chilly here. It is a little warmer now and supposed to get even warmer as the weekend goes by. Ya, I had a can of diet coke literally explode with a big bang in the middle of the night. I thought someone was shooting at me for a minute there, but it did'nt take long to figure out the cause of the bang. Poor dog was shaken up too that night. I had a guy I work with tell me about the insulation on the outhouse seat. He has indoor plumbing that his family uses, but for some unknown reason he prefers his own private little outhouse I guess. What I usually do is spend a little time outside doing something first (gassing up the genny or something), after being out in the cold, the seat actually feels kinda warm. lol.

  5. Stay warm. When it get cold here I throw another cat on the bed. Usually snuggling with my Great Dane is enough.

    I have been wondering how well they have been managing on the ice roads with this warmer Winter. The trucking on them may be shorter than usual. The one in Ontario along the James Bay coast was just opened a couple of weeks ago.

  6. Hello Tossing Pebbles. I don't have much to do with the ice roads where I am, but we do really rely on the cold weather to freeze the muskeg and other soft areas in the bush. So far so good, but it has been a real mild winter so far. It's pretty hard to keep the truck clean most of the time as we have been experiences alot of melting lately. it's pretty weird.

  7. Hey... what's been goin' on? Haven't seen anything from you lately. :(

  8. Hello Lynnanne. lol. I have been so busy at work lately my friend. We are just about done with our winter hauling, and now a few days of fixing trucks and trailers, just so they will be ready for action when the need arises. I hope to start tackling my house project in about a week from now roughly, and keep going on it for awhile. It's hard to say, but it could be a shorter spring break this year, as we have had less snowfall than we normally do up here in a winter. I have been taking the work while it's there, cause one day my whole life is going to change big time, and the work will hopefully be a big fat memory to me soon, as I take up a more homesteady type lifestyle. Hopefully within a couple years, but possibly even sooner. I'll start posting again soon as I start building again in about a week. Thanks for your concern Lynnanne.

  9. Good to see you're still on the "up" side. :)

    While the whole world is moving to the country, we're getting ready to move in town. Hopefully it will be a short little move. Once we sell the house we're in, we'll then be able to turn it around and hopefully buy a little land and put a shack on it. :) In the meantime, we gotta do what we gotta do. It'll be a smaller place in town, so the scale-down process is about to begin.

    I am, however, ready for next winter... I just got some snowshoes. Maybe next year there'll be some snow. :)

    Happy money making!

  10. Hey Lynnanne, I just joined your site, so that if you start blogging about your adventures I won't miss anything. Sounds to me like you have some interesting things going on and I would love to follow along. By the way, the money making is kinda getting in the way of the life living, but it is a hard thing to pull ones self away from. lol. It'll come some day though.