Sunday, May 15, 2011


I had my rough electrical inspection on May 13, and all is good. Except I forgot to wire in the smoke detecters, as I just kinda thought I would be using battery operated ones instead, being off grid and all. But I guess they need to be wired in anyway. I need one on each floor and they all need to be wired together so that if one goes off, they all go off. No problem. I started doing some insulating right after the inspection. I did have a little in basement from before. The basement is pretty much done except for all the smaller pieces that go in the floor joists on top of the basement wall. Most of the main floor is done except for one end wall, as I need to have axcess to it for install the deck headers. The Knee walls in the loft are done except that same end wall for the same purpose. The electrical inspector is also the building inspector, and I mentioned to him about my idea of having a sawed off door to enter the deck off the loft bedroom. It is all a go, he kinda liked my idea, although if I were a contractor building this house for someone else it would have been a different story. Monday will probably be a bit of waste as I am going to go to town for some more supplies.

I finally went and picked up a load of water from town the other evening. Before I unhooked the trailer I thought I would fill up the RV, as I was in major need of a shower after insulating all day, and I sure have no intentions to go all the way to Grande Prairie for just a shower. This way I can just gravity feed the water into the RV instead of hooking up a pump and doing it.

The shower in the RV is pretty tiny, but it works. It was busy day.

Things are sure starting to get dry around here lately, which is kinda hard to believe after seeing all that snow we had this winter. It's pretty smoky around here all day. There are some fires burning in the Whitecourt and/or Slave Lake areas.


This is a personal blog, mainly for my own use. I am building a house with my own two hands, but I am learning alot of things as I go. I do not claim to know what I am doing, or if anything I do is even close to being done correctly or safely. So please, if you are planning on using any of my ideas or methods for your own use, please get professional advice before actually following through with your actions. I will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages of any kind caused by information or comments from this blog.


  1. I woke up this morning to the news on the radio that at least half the town of Slave Lake has been destroyed by fire and everyone has been evacuated in the night. No injuries at this time. Population 7000. Sure makes ya wonder. I think I am going to get some fire prevention supplies today.

  2. Fire prevention and good insurance go a long way. I have nightmares about showering in an RV. Bent over to shave my legs and my plentiful butt hit the wall and knocked me into the bedroom! House is really coming along..

  3. haha Frann..funny story! :)
    Mark it all looks great! Your mansion is coming right along. I'm really impressed with your wide variety of skills. You're a talented fellow!
    Sorry to hear of the fire.. that sounds too close. Hope no one was hurt and I hope you keep safe too!

  4. All I have for now is the prevention part Frann, no insurance. Ya gotta be a little more careful in the shower. lol. I do know what your saying though. I have learned that if I buy another RV in the future, it will have a larger shower.

  5. Hey, thanks Jeanie. That fire in Slave Lake is about 3 hours drive from me, but new fires could start right here pretty easily. I can't believe with all the snow we had and all the rain we had this spring also, how it gets so dry so quickly. I need you to send me some rain now, if you happen to have some extra Jeanie.

  6. Things are comin' along!!! Looks good… and any shower is better than no shower at all…. :))
    i'll send you some of our rain. Just got more today and interrupted the garden planting plans.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Lynnanne. We've been getting alot of rain ourselves also now. Things have been going pretty good, but lately there has been a bit of a demand on the pay job this last week, hopefully that slows down a bit. I did'nt get a whole lot done since this post.