Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Update.

We got the roof on. I finished putting on the the final piece of tin Tuesday May 11, then at about noon that day I went to work at the pay job and I have been doing that since. Looks like I got the roof on just in time. Now I don't really care what happens work wise. If it's busy I'll work, but if it's slow I will build. It usually comes and goes in little splurts, but you just don't know from one year to the next, or even one day to the next what to expect.

I do still have some minor touching up on the tin before I can say it is totally complete, but what a relief it is to have a roof on. It took mom and I alot longer to get this tin on than I expected, but thats ok. I hav'nt been on here checking out any of my favorite blogs for a few days, but I do hope to get all caught up soon. Bye for now.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Half the roof is done.

I went to town this morning, because I discovered that I had the wrong ventilation devices for my ridge. I was hoping to get the right ones so I could get the ridge cap all completed as I go with the other side of the roof. They did'nt have any in stock, so I guess I'll either do something else or order them on monday and insall the ridge cap after the whole thing is roofed, which I don't really like the thought of much. I really hate going to town. I can't wait until I am all done building and in relax mode. I'm going to see just how much I can avoid town.
I finally got the south side of the roof done today. Mom was out giving me a hand again today. It took me awhile and a bit of experimenting to finally figure out how I was going to do the ends. Still kinda afraid of heights over here on my end. lol.

I am hoping to have most of the north side done by the end of tomorrow, but I will make no promises.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Metal Roofing Started.

A veiw from above.
Pulling the metal up to the roof. One of the grooves on the sheet metal fits over a ladder rail and she stays right on track until I get it onto the roof. I have a vise grip clamped on the sheet that I tied the small rope to. This is working pretty good so far. I would definately not want anyone under that sheet while it is coming up though.
Pulling the tin up (from my veiw). Must not have had anything better to do than to play around with a camera at this point in time.

Placing the sheet. The ends are going to be alot of fun, I'm thinkin.

About 40 percent done the roof metal. A late start yesterday, and a late start again today. I always seem to find other things that need done before I start my roofing for the day. And this stuff does seem to take awhile to put on, the way we're doing it.

My helpers for today. Traction and my mom. Mom has been out quite abit lately while I'm playing around on the roof. She is a big help around here too. I sure notice a difference when she is'nt out here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Darned Snow.

I would have just loved to be slapping the metal roofing on there today. I have enough trouble getting around when things are dry though, let alone freshly snowed on. I finally have it ready for the metal. An old buddy of mine was out helping me with things yesterday. I was sawing and he was nailing it all on. Everything went pretty good. It still took a good part of the day though. I did'nt think that strapping this roof would have taken so long to do. I've come to the conlusion, that I am just a bit of coward when it comes to heights, because everyone else seems to get around pretty good up there. I am getting more used to it all the time though.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Had Some Help Today.

Well, I am getting closer and closer to having a roof on the house all the time. I know, I thought it should have been on by now myself. We did get some rainy days since we got the trusses up. I have been plugging away when I can by myself trying to get the roof strapped and ready for the metal roofing. I have the roofing finally, but also need a good part of another day before I am ready to put it on. I also want to wait till Monday before it goes up anyway, as I have some questions for my permit guy.
Today I had me a helper. My 14 or 15?year old nephew Rylon. A bunch of people came out my way today to set out on a quadding trip and they left Rylon with me. And my mom. Mom was tying 2x4's to the rope, and Ry and I were pulling them up and nailing them on. I gave Rylon a bit of warning before we got started that it is pretty high up there and if he don't feel comfortable with it, don't be afraid to say so and all that. I do feel pretty stupid about it though. He climbs around up there like some kind of a squirrel. Really, I think the real squirrel was sitting back and taking lessons. I have never really worked with Ry much before and I am really quite impressed with how much of a help he was today. I just gotta pay the guy, and I think he's going to come out and give me a hand tomorrow again (Sunday) hopefully.
Rylon used to be pretty active in the rodeo scene. He won second at the Calgary stampede in the boys steer riding either last year or the year before that, I can't remember for sure, and he has picked up quite bit of cash from a bunch of other pro rodeos along the way. He's kinda getting out of rodeo scene and getting onto other things instead. The following Youtube video is of Rylon at play. And I thought he might be afraid of heights. lol.