Saturday, May 1, 2010

Had Some Help Today.

Well, I am getting closer and closer to having a roof on the house all the time. I know, I thought it should have been on by now myself. We did get some rainy days since we got the trusses up. I have been plugging away when I can by myself trying to get the roof strapped and ready for the metal roofing. I have the roofing finally, but also need a good part of another day before I am ready to put it on. I also want to wait till Monday before it goes up anyway, as I have some questions for my permit guy.
Today I had me a helper. My 14 or 15?year old nephew Rylon. A bunch of people came out my way today to set out on a quadding trip and they left Rylon with me. And my mom. Mom was tying 2x4's to the rope, and Ry and I were pulling them up and nailing them on. I gave Rylon a bit of warning before we got started that it is pretty high up there and if he don't feel comfortable with it, don't be afraid to say so and all that. I do feel pretty stupid about it though. He climbs around up there like some kind of a squirrel. Really, I think the real squirrel was sitting back and taking lessons. I have never really worked with Ry much before and I am really quite impressed with how much of a help he was today. I just gotta pay the guy, and I think he's going to come out and give me a hand tomorrow again (Sunday) hopefully.
Rylon used to be pretty active in the rodeo scene. He won second at the Calgary stampede in the boys steer riding either last year or the year before that, I can't remember for sure, and he has picked up quite bit of cash from a bunch of other pro rodeos along the way. He's kinda getting out of rodeo scene and getting onto other things instead. The following Youtube video is of Rylon at play. And I thought he might be afraid of heights. lol.


  1. WOW! I think it's safe to say he'll be just fine on the roof!

    Place is really looking good, my friend! You are getting it done and I think that's GREAT!

  2. Glad you got such good help and that there are young men out there still that don't bat an eye at such work. Glad also to see you wearing a safety harness. ;)
    I have a question: I am wondering about your roof decking? you mention putting the metal roofing on soon but I don't see any plywood decking? have you just not shown it or are doing something else?
    just curious.

  3. You've made some great progress! Tall is good. My internet connection isn't so good so I can't watch the video of Ry. I tried... That's cool that he did well on bulls. He must be one brave young man and his mom must also be brave! I'm looking forward to more photos of the place. Best to you.

  4. Jim, I got over worrying about him on the roof a long time ago. I am however still quite abit worried about myself though. Thank you Jim.

  5. Annie, he IS a good man. I would'nt be without the harness for myself, although it does kinda get in the way a fair bit. I was'nt planning on putting plywood roof decking on Annie. I am strapping across the rafters with 2x4s, and the metal roofing screws down onto those. That is however, one of things that I wanted to check up on with the permit guy though, just to make sure everything is going to be good. There are a lot of things I do that makes me wonder sometimes.

  6. Thanks Ginger. I have the same internet problem as you kinda. Sometimes I can veiw videos, but alot them just take way to much time, if they ever do play. I guess you would have to be brave when your kid is like Ry, but I do think she has alot of worries with all that bravery and I don't think I can blame her all that much. lol.