Monday, September 13, 2010

North Side Windows Installed.

I have still been pretty busy at work off and on, but I did manage to get little bit done on the house. Two windows are in permanently. The main floor window looks alot smaller than I thought it would, but it will definately do the job. Usually when I see a house, the basement windows are usually smaller than the main windows. lol. Nope, not on my house. Simple man with a different plan.


  1. You're doing an excellent job Mark.. the windows look great too.
    I imagine the larger window in the basement will come in handy. Looked like you have quite a bit of room down there. That's nice!

  2.'s your house, so do it the way you want to!
    Looks pretty good to me, though!

  3. Thanks Jeanie. I think I planned the larger basement windows incase I had to put something down there via the window. There is only two windows in the whole basement also, so I guess the larger the more the light.

  4. Thanks Jim. It looks good to me also, but I did'nt realize the difference in window sizes, but it's all good anyway.