Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heck with it.

Heck with work, (for now, I'll go there on the rainy days). Heck with the mud. And heck with using the ladder too. I got me a house to build.

I finally found a use for all that 2x10 lumber that I used for my concrete footing forms. I use them for sidewalks and I also built my ramp up to the main floor out of them. A few years ago, my neighbor from in town and I built a new fence. My neighbor thought I was nuts when I wanted to keep the rotten old fence instead of throwing it in the dump. I'm sure glad I kept it.

In the morning, all this mud should be real nice to walk and drive on, unless it decides not to freeze over night. It is like dry dirt when it is all frozen. Tomorrow morning I'll have to forward some of my lumber over to the house on the frost, then go to town for some more lumber and supplies in town to keep me busy over the long weekend. I am finally getting into the swing of things again. Today I put in a long one, and my poor old knee is feeling it. It stays light pretty late here now. It is after 8 pm before I lose my daylight. I shut it down just before 8. Today I glued and screwed the last sheet of plywood down on my basement floor, and finished caulking it all. I had to leave that one open for awhile so the inspector could have a peek at things. He did pay me a vistit about a week ago or so. He made me add one more ply to my main beam down there, so now I have four 2x10 wide. I still have to phone them for an inspection again before I backfill the basement, but I'm not going to backfill until things dry up around here. But I can build up top while I wait for that to happen, so thats what I'm going to do. I kinda mentioned to them at work that I want no interruptions for about 2 weeks. We'll see how that goes. We are kinda at the end of the winter work season and things really slow down or stop for awhile. I kinda feel like I should be there and working on my truck and all, but, if I don't get a roof on my house soon it just might rot away eventually. It is my top priority right now. Heck with work.


  1. You go brother!! Get that roof on!
    Get those fences up, get the coops in working order, plant those fields...oops, that's my place! LOL
    Have a Happy Easter lonnnnnnnnng weekend!

  2. Hermit,
    It will be such a relief once the roof is put on. I remember when I got done with my roof it felt like the job was halfway complete(although we know that it may be a never ending project). You're doing great. I always look forward to reading about your progress. It is nice to read about others that are like minded. Enjoy your long weekend. ~Jen

  3. Hey Cath. You can have the gardening and all that for now. I've got all I can handle, just building the house for now. The roof is the goal for now. You have a good Easter too Cath.

  4. Hey Jen. I agree, once the roof is on, I can relax a bit, but until then, I kinda worry about the rain coming in, although I guess some wont hurt to badly. You have a good Easter long weekend also Jen.