Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snowy, land check up.

Went for a drive out to my land today. Thought I would take the dually cummins for a run as she just sits most of the winter. Gotta drive it once in awhile to keep it charged and lubed and all that. It was'nt a real nice day in Northern Alberta. We must get the weirdest weather on earth. One day -37 celcius, two days later +8 celcius with snow melting like crazy and then today -11 celcius and snowing and blowing. But theres no mosquitos and stuff out yet. Soon it will be nice and warm and I will be out in the bush trying to haul all the equipment home, and wallering around in mud like pig. Gotta just love it.

Theres no way I can drive in there with my pickup, and neither can anyone else unless it is with a snowmobile. I could have walked in, but, but, but, ............. Ok, I'm lazy? That snow is pretty deep. Did'nt have much business in there anyway, just wanted to have a look and see if was still there. I could plow it out with my backhoe, but I prefer to leave it snowed in for a little longer yet. Both of these pictures were taken today, unlike the pictures of my Feb update blog, which had pictures that were taken in the summer, not in Feb.

My mind kinda wants to change on modifying the garage in there, as lumber is cheaper these days, and it would'nt cost much to frame something new. I might as well build a cabin from scratch is what I am thinking. Besides, the little garage will work wonderfull as a little garage.


  1. Hey man...sounds like a workablr plan to me. I say go for the cabin!

    That's a lot of snow...!

  2. Thanks Jim, shiny new cabin it is. That is alot of snow, it sucks to be me sometimes.

  3. Is that your land there with the garage, thats exactly what I want perfect, like your blog trying to do the same thing here in Ontario but with a rv.

  4. Yes sir, thats my land. It aint much, but it's all mine. All 3.6 acres. lol. Thanks Coal, I did'nt get right into your blog yet, but from what I seen so far, I like it also. Interesting.