Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busy Days Lately

I have been a pretty busy man lately with the the shack building and at work. I did manage to get somethings accomplished on the house project. My sewage system passed the inspection with flying colors and I backfilled it all in, except for my last man hole ext on the septic tank. I'm just letting things brew in my head for a bit before I cover that totally in, as once it is, it would be pretty hard to get inside that thing and get back out again. It is ready to go, but you just never know, I might decide to make a slight change on things in there yet.
We started to get the blueskin on. "We" meaning mom and I. I'm getting to be quite a mommas boy lately. lol. This stuff does go alot better with an extra set of hands around. Sometimes we get under each others skin a bit also, but I guess thats just the way it goes sometimes. lol
First we put on some primer.
Then the blueskin. 3 sides are blueskinned. The front needs to be closed in yet and done.
Shortly after my last post, I woke up one morning and my computer did not want to work correctly. I could no longer get on line, and there are a bunch of other things not working right. I suspect that it is all them automatic windows vista updates that always go on. I could'nt even go back to a different restore point. Nor could I get online to try and diagnose the problem. So I squeezed in enough time to go and buy a new computer. I was a couple days after that before I even found time to take that out of the box. I'm running windows 7 now. Man I hate getting things all set up again. And this keyboard is just a little different, like the enter key and the shift keys for some reason I am always missing. They are just a bit smaller or something.
I got called to go to work at about supper time last night and did'nt get done until about 5 this morning. The days are sure long right about now. It was still partially daylight at close to midnight, and at about 4:30 am it was starting to get light again. I seen alot of wildlife last night and there was hardly any truck traffic out in the bushes except for me and the odd guy. I've seen moose, elk and deer. I did'nt see any bears last night, which kinda surprises me. I guess it could be a bit early for them to be out full force yet, I don't know. There are alot of bears around here and where I usually do alot of my trucking. Both black bears and grizzlies. I heard on the news recently that there are only about 700 grizzly bears in Alberta, not counting all the ones in the national parks, but I disagree with their calculations, because I have seen so many of them myself over the years in just the areas that I travel. There has just got to be more than that. Well there you have it, all my thoughts for the day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Septic Tank is in the Ground.

I had to work yesterday, but today (Thursday) I finally had for me. I finally got my septic tank delivered. The tank was $1600, trucking was $450, and another $480 for the two manhole extensions and two tar strips to keep the ground water out. $2530 plus some taxes for all. Ouch.
It is a 750 gallon septic tank, which is no longer allowed around here anymore. The minimum size is 1000 now. I bought my sewage permit before the change, so I was allowed to use the 750. Others have to have some other kind of different system that I heard costs around $30,000.00. I'm not sure why I did'nt need that. (Maybe I do, I don't know). lol.
The sewage permit guy is probably going to come out tomorrow (actually today, I guess, as it is after midnight). I want to get him to look at things so I can get it all covered.
Raw sewage in.

Effluent out to the sewage treatment mound.
Well it's nice to finally have this thing in the ground.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Working on the Sewage System

This snow happend to us on the May long weekend two years in a row now. Our long weekend in Canada happend on the 22, 23, and 24 of May. Victoria Day was one week ahead of the United States Memorial Day. It rained and snowed for the whole weekend and then some. It actually came at a real good time though as I just got my roof on, and it was real dry with alot of different forest fires in the region. It sure did make a mess of things though.
I got some stairs started in the basement, then got distracted with other things, like work. I have been kinda busy at work lately, which is good in away. I've been spending alot of money lately. I hate seeing the old bank account go in reverse to hard. lol.

I decided that it is time to get the sewer system all installed and out of the way, whenever I find the time. I worked on it all day today. Just a little bit of fine tuning and then I will be ready to get my septic tank delivered out. I could have hauled it myself, but I don't think the old John Deere would be able to lift it anyway. So when I get things ready, they will bring it out and set it right in the hole for me. I need to get this all out of the way before I can back fill the basement.

It gets kinda interesting when it comes time to join the trench. I was operating pretty gently in hopes that the trench would'nt cave in on me while I was straddling the it with the backhoe.

This is the main raw sewage line that will dump into the septic tank. It is 4 inch ABS pipe. At first, my plan was to have the septic tank right close to the house, but I changed my mind. It is now going to be about 30 feet away. The new location will make it alot easier for my backfilling and landscaping. It just made more sense.
Well it has been awhile since my last post, and I hav'nt had much extra time for leaving commments to all my favorite blogger friends lately. It takes a guy like me too much time to come up anything half intelligent to say sometimes, but I have been checking some blogs out occasionally. We have daylight here until about 11 pm and I have been utilizing that quite abit it lately.