Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Corrugated Water Cistern

There's the cistern, standing still open all winter so far. I meant to have it all hooked up and backfilled a long time ago. Last fall when I was busy at work the weather was nice, and about the time I got all done with work the rain came. So I did'nt get around to this task. There is not much space between the trench and the basement trench. I have drove through with the backhoe, but it just fits and it is pretty risky of sliding into the basement and crashing my dreams. lol. So it is time to get this thing backfilled. I took the picture from the main floor of the house. Gives you a bit of an idea how high it is.

The water line here is buried over to the house. I always had it in my mind that I was going to drill a hole in the side of the cistern and hook the water line in via a pitless adapter of some sort. I assumed that one should just drive to town and find the right pitless adapter for a corrugated pipe like this one. I was wrong, it has not been invented yet. So I got phoning around and one guy I talked to who does these things, clued me on how to do this. Just dig the line in underneath the culvert cistern, then pour my concrete around the pipe on the inside. Sounded pretty simple, but man did I ever work myself doing this. That dirt is pretty well frozen. I was a good part of the day yesterday doing this (Feb 27). I was soaked by the time I got it all done. I wanted to dig a little deeper under the cistern wall than I did, but it was just to tough of going. I did bend the lip of the culvert up where the hose goes under, just incase things settle and want to crush or cut the hose. It should be good I think.

I had to cut the line and send it through from the inside of the cistern, otherwise I would have kinked it in alot of different places trying to run it through. I don't really like to have a splice in there, but, what can you do?

I hand shoveled some nice lump free dirt over the hose connection, and packed it a bit. Then I layed a bunch of orange tape over it. If I ever do have to dig that splice up again, I should be able to find it without ripping the whole line out accidentally.

I was in the process of backfilling the cistern, breaking up big chunks of frozen dirt. It was time consuming. Eventually I blew a hydraulic hose on the backhoe. I'll have to get a new hose built in the morning. I did a little more work on the basement for the rest of the day. This backfilling needs to take place in the morning because it has been getting pretty messy out later in the day, but it usually freezes overnight. It is kinda like spring here, and has been like that for quite awhile now. Now with that being said, I can probably expect some -40 stuff soon. lol. I sure hope not. Last year we had alot of that in March if I remember correctly.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy February at Work.

I hav'nt found much time for working on the cabin this month. It's hard to believe that the month of February is already done. The weather has been pretty nice for here, and I have been
spending it out in the bush playing in the mud alot of the time hauling equipment. It's almost like we're in the middle of an oil boom or something. The other driver was getting tired and needed some time off, and things did pick up for awhile there. I THINK that things are slowed down again. I hope. I would like to get my basement done and backfilled soon, before things really turn warm and sloppy. Today I just kinda got started working on the house again. Well, actually on my water storage cistern. I need to get it out of the way before I can backfill my basement. I have just a little bit left to do before I can get inspected. This is something that I hoped to have done by the beginning of this month, but I guess I am a tiny bit behind. lol. Below are a few pictures from work. It was actually a nice break for awhile there, but I'm ready to build now.

I had to unload this D9 cat 3 times within 46 kilometers. The ole Peterbilt just would'nt haul it up some of the hills in there. Just too much weight and stupidly steep hills.

Just a bit of an update. I hope to have something to blog about real soon. I plan on finally backfilling my water cistern tomorrow if things go as planned.