Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Potential Cabin

I was looking around in the newspaper classifieds and found a cabin for sale in there. Just thought I might check it out, thinking that it would probably cost more to move it than it would even be worth. I phoned the number anyway, just to get an idea how many millions of miles away it would be. Turns out, it is right in the vicinity of my acerage. I could drag it down the road for 2.5 miles and it would be there. Thats almost like some kind of a sign. I don't know though, I kinda had my heart set on building my own shack. I am kinda lazy though sometimes. This one would need quite abit of TLC on the interior to make it more liveable, so I would be building any way. The walls are built from 4x4 timbers. I'm thinkin it would have alot of air leakage for -40 degree winters. One solution would be to frame the inside with 2x4 studs and insulate, but then if I am framing, I guess I might just well be building. I don't know, this shack is a potential if the price is right. I'm not sure exactly what the right price would be just yet, I do know, however, that I would'nt be paying very close to the original asking price. This cabin is kinda what I have in mind to make me a home. It is 20x30 feet including the front deck/porch. Bottom living area is 20x20 and the top is 20x30. I think I could make it work.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snowy, land check up.

Went for a drive out to my land today. Thought I would take the dually cummins for a run as she just sits most of the winter. Gotta drive it once in awhile to keep it charged and lubed and all that. It was'nt a real nice day in Northern Alberta. We must get the weirdest weather on earth. One day -37 celcius, two days later +8 celcius with snow melting like crazy and then today -11 celcius and snowing and blowing. But theres no mosquitos and stuff out yet. Soon it will be nice and warm and I will be out in the bush trying to haul all the equipment home, and wallering around in mud like pig. Gotta just love it.

Theres no way I can drive in there with my pickup, and neither can anyone else unless it is with a snowmobile. I could have walked in, but, but, but, ............. Ok, I'm lazy? That snow is pretty deep. Did'nt have much business in there anyway, just wanted to have a look and see if was still there. I could plow it out with my backhoe, but I prefer to leave it snowed in for a little longer yet. Both of these pictures were taken today, unlike the pictures of my Feb update blog, which had pictures that were taken in the summer, not in Feb.

My mind kinda wants to change on modifying the garage in there, as lumber is cheaper these days, and it would'nt cost much to frame something new. I might as well build a cabin from scratch is what I am thinking. Besides, the little garage will work wonderfull as a little garage.

Prickly pear cactus jelly, peppers, and beans.

Last Friday Mar 13 I received a gift in the mail from a blogger friend from southern USA. All I asked for was "some prickly pear cactus jelly", and I was going to buy it. She insists, it is a gift. What I got was a box full of goodies. It was from "Cowgirl". She runs the blog http://cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/ . Jeanie and her way of life is what it is all about in my book. Seems to me, she completely lives off the land. Thanks for the goodies Jeanie. I owe you one.

The cactus jelly is excellent on toast. She also sent some cayenne and ancho peppers out of her garden, and a bag of Anasazi Beans. It was like she read my mind on the beans. I have never had much to do with dried beans, but not too long ago, I was kinda trying to find some things out about them, as I was planning on making a purchase just to try them out for a change. Well here they are. Anasazi? I've never heard of that one before. And now I know a little bit about the cave dwelling Anasazi indians and some other interesting facts from long ago also. I get smarter everyday. lol.

This morning I washed about 1/3 of that bag and put it in a bowl of water and let it sit all day. Then I proceeded to sort of follow one of Jeanies recipes. http://cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/2009/01/anasazi-beans-with-jalapeno-bacon.html I did change a couple things, as I did'nt have any homemade jalapeno bacon on hand at the time. lol. When I sauteed the onions and garlic, I also threw in a couple of chopped up fresh jalepeno's. Don't know if thats what you're supposed to do with jalepeno's, but it seemed to work for me. I also put in one of those cayenne peppers, crushed up.

Long story short, here are my beans. The finished product. I know they are not quite as pretty as Jeanie's, but they were probably the best damd beans I ever had. There was alot of bacon in there for the amount of beans, but hey, a man needs his meat. If I could change one thing about these beans, it would be the quantity, should have made more, I did'nt want to get too carried away on the first time though. I'm not going to be doing very many blogs about cooking, because a simple man usually cooks pretty simple stuff. lol. I am, however, now addicted to dried beans and will be experiementing with different kinds and recipes.